Hello Everyone.

My name is Shu Rin. Some people call me Shu. Some call me Shushu.

I started blogging when I was 16 - blogging was really big in school then, and we got all the scoops and gossips from each other blogs. I've seen made a new page - I cannot believe what an airhead I was at 16. Here's the site, I can assure you hours and hours of eye-rolling.

I blogged here off and on for a couple of years, just for my friends.
And then...this blog just became an avenue for me to improve on my language skills.

And so that I can have something fun to read when I get old. Hahaha. Because I read letters/blog posts from when I was soooo much younger and it was pretty fun. If I don't mind cringing a few times.

I loooove to eat and sleep. I love rainy days. I think every kind of insect is HUMONGOUS.
Rainy days are the best for sleeping in, aren't they! Don't you just love the pitter patter of the rain on your windows, and how clean and colourful everything looks afterwards? ♥

People who don't know me think I'm quiet, and people who do know me wish I'd shut up. really depends if I happen to click with you.

My goal in life is to always have goals in life. I don't want to be sitting around, just waiting for time to pass. I hope to be a successful writer/journalist - one with hard hitting pieces that can make a difference in the world. Sometimes, I think I wanna be a talkshow host or news anchor, but that's a dream while the former is an aspiration. And aspirations are more realistic, I think.

If you notice, I never really mention my friends or family here, but I do assure you, they are some of the coolest people in the whole wide world.

So.... hello . Wanna be friends? :)
I'm nice most of the time.
I'm pretty sure we'll be friends!

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