New Lipstick Made Me Happier

Sometimes, happiness is as simple as this. Lipstick.

And if you find this statement bimbotic, here's your cue to stop reading, because yes, you got it - today, I'm dedicating an entire blog post to lipstick, and I have this nasty ailment called the First World Problem Disease. Admittance is the first step to recovery, they say. But I've no intention of recovering because I love a good lippie and that's that.

But the rest of you... Girls, boys, or whoever wears lipstick. Have you ever had that feeling, when things in life are not going so good, and you just gotta have a little perk-me-up? Well that's what I did.

We all have our weaknesses. Some people love gadgets, some like watches, others, spa indulgences, and so much more. For myself, I've always had a thing for makeup, even though I don't wear much these days. Oh, the hours I've spent in Sephora (most of the time just gazing longingly at makeup that I love but can't find the heart to spend on)...

Ok back to Earth.

I actually haven't had a proper tube of lipstick for months - something which I have no excuse for, except for the fact that my very last tube expired a while ago. And I put off buying a new one for an immeasurable amount of time because... I actually have no reason! So last Friday, after an event, I saw a sale at Watsons and somehow went in, even though I've kinda barred myself from entering shops UNLESS necessary, in my bid to save money. And as (almost always) there was a sale. 25% off most makeup products, to be exact. So I bought one.

So... I officially have ONE tube of lipstick. Hahaha. And in case you didn't know... Last year... and the years before last year... I was the kind who would have at least 10 tubes. And waste most of them when they expired, because...  1 pair of lips vs. 10+ tubes of lipsticks: you do the math.

It may seem silly to you, a 20+ year old woman getting excited over something as small as this. But well.. It's hard to explain. How the colour is a shade I fancy, how it brightens my face which somehow brightens my mood to, and ....

And there you go, congrats on reading about my obsession for lipstick. Of course, besides this obsession, I'm currently embarking on new obsessive journeys, such as photography, videography, and reading a lot more to expand my horizons. I also hope to start a new website, which has been a bit of a standstill the last few months, but let's see what I can do about that.


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