Decluttered desktop. Now, ready to take on the world!


It's been about three months since I was last here. Wow, has it really been THAT long?

Anyway, I just back-upped all my files, photos and videos, my previously almost 90%-filled desktop is now clear and very neatly organised. Fees soooooo good. I hope I can keep this up! A messy desktop is such a turn-off, and it always makes me not want to do any work on my laptop.

I guess that's why I'm back here - because woohoo, clean-looking start-up screen (for now at least).

And my next step.... I need to make it a habit to organise the photos and videos in my computer monthly at least. Perhaps by doing that, I'll get a little motivation to blog as well... Like a monthly update of what I've been up to.

Not that I've been doing anything extra special these days, blah.

But in my dreams, I'm a travel talkshow host!

Oh man the weather's getting warm again. I sooooo enjoyed the November to February period, where the weather in Singapore's the most pleasant.


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