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What do you do

What do you do, when some things seem impossible to resolve? You try to analyse, and think of ways to resolve it.What do you do,  when all parties involved have different opinions, and are all attacking you?I honestly have no idea.

I want to build a snowman!

Today, I was feeling quite envious of my sister and also April and a few other friends who were overseas enjoying the snow. I've never seen snow, and I just think it's so pretty. People who see snow all the time won't understand. But to see snow falling from the sky, and white, powdery ice on the floor - it's just something I never got to see. And I have a feeling I'll never get to see. It was also the happy look on April's face that made me so envious, I guess. To people like us - people who live in tropical climates - snow is just magical. And to see it with your favourite person (of course when I'm like super old, I can go alone) just seems so nice.

But whatever. 不是我的命. Things I want always evade me and my dreams were dashed earlier this year anyway.

And then I saw my friend post an encounter on Facebook. She met an elderly man with bad eyesight, and he asked her to help him with cash withdrawal because he couldn't see properly. Turned out that he had…