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Top 5 Skincare Products to Bring on Vacation

So.. I just got back from Vietnam last week! In case you don't know * embarrassed laugh* , it was my first time going so far *embarrassed laugh again* without my family! Which means I had to pack my own luggage and plan so many things myself!

Thinking back, the thing I was most worried about was baggage. We booked in a hurry – and I say again that I've never been so adventurous before – and my friends chose not to buy additional baggage. This meant that I could only carry a littleeeee bit of skincare products because of airline carry-on baggage requirements.

So I packed. Two weeks before my trip:

And I was quite proud of myself because I was like “ohhhh every single bottle is under 100ml! I'm not THAT suaku, after all!”

And THEN the weekend before, my sister pointed out that I was only allowed ONE ziploc bag – imagine my -.- ness.

I did it!

And I also had to checked if wet wipes and facial masks were considered liquids hahaha am I super noob or what? 
The thing is, I spent qu…