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Hello there!

I'm going to on vacation this week! I was 17 years old the last time I got on a plane, so you can imagine that I'm a little nervous about it! It's also the first time I'll be going without my family! As well as the first time I'll be away from home for so long!

Now that (I think) I've caught the travel bug... I have this "no time, no money" thing. Now, why didn't I travel more when I was a student? Oh right -- back then, money was a bigger issue. Haha.

Now that I'm working, I can only afford (both money and time-wise) to go on two holidays a year. And maybe some short Malaysia/Indonesia in between. But the experience will be worth it! And I better go as much as I can while my friends are free. Hahaha. In a few years time, everyone will either be married or looking after their babies -- no time for me! I wish I had someone special to go on vacations with but well...