10 days ago was my birthday! I haven't celebrated birthdays for a long time already, but this year's special! All surprises, really. I received a looooong, sweet and heartfelt letter from Boris. Posic and Cheri surprised me with a cake, candle and song when we met up hahaha. SO SWEET. My co-workers also celebrated my birthday. And Poh Ling sent me a Hello Kitty birthday card she bought during her mini-honeymoon. And text messages :) 

I'll blog about them soon enough, but today, I want to talk about my new Happy Book! The super busy April managed to make time to meet me for my birthday, and she got me a Happy Book. I think this is a pretty cool idea - it works like a diary, but easier. I'm lazy to describe, and pictures say a thousand words, so take a look!

She told me she chose this book because, I quote:

"I feel that sometimes when we grow up, we feel very negative when we work.. we need things like tt to cheer us up, and it helps us to reflect the good thing in life. Sorry there is no nice pink !!"

Which is true, I guess. What I've been writing on this blog only reflects the sad parts of my life... this book will give me the motivation to write about the awesome parts! Because I'm the "listen to instructions" kid at heart ha.
And the words of encouragement of the week (yeah this is a weekly log) is DREAM BIG.
Yes I will dream big. I have a dream, just like Rapunzel and her boy. Some people don't believe in me, but I WILL SHOW THEM. Poor pessimistic souls, blah.

I can think of adventures I want to go on, and who I want to go with already ^^ And meals.... hahahaha. For someone who loves food.... 

Vivaldi playlist... Nicely-scented facial mask, comfy chair, and magical Enid Blyton Storybook. :D Sometimes, I'm just so tired of life in general that I just sit and do nothing. And suddenly... OH WOW 5 hours gone - of me doing nothing! I really need to be more productive, and start doing small things to smile. 

Filled this page already :D  

Such a pretty and meaningful book! I wish I could write more "nicely" about it... but these days,, I write so much at work - and in such different styles everyday that I kind of forgot my personal style. And I don't have the energy to make it "crowd-pleasing". And nobody reads but me reads it anyway so hahahaha never mind lah.

But to current and potential clients: don't judge me by my blog, ok?


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