Why are some people on Carousell so irritating?

So many cheapskates on Carousell. Or maybe their maths forever fail. If I could earn $10 for every time I refrain from saying "**** NO are you stupid or do you think I'm stupid?", I'd be rich. And 10 years ago, this would have been majorly uncensored and multi-lingual. Haha. Oh, the impulsive and uncouth girl from yesteryear! 

"Nego?" "$2 can?" "Free postage can?". I like to offer nice stuff to sweet buyers (yes they exist!) but some people.....

Of course, I've met my share of wonderful people who either don't haggle, or make fair bargains. All of them are very understanding about busy schedules, and transactions have been really smooth so far!

But some people make such ridiculous requests that I just don't know how they don't laugh at themselves. Like seriously. If someone already sets a fair price... you have the GUTS to ask for a 50% discount??????

Carousell is a really fun place to get send your pre-loved belongings to better homes but OMG some people... The more they say "Can INANE request>?, the more I want to reply with a deadpan "CANNOT", even if it means I have to throw the item away. I don't know why, but something about some tones just irk me to no end. They make feel like going to learn kickboxing, and kick someone like you know, that game in the arcade where you hit the button repeatedly to K.O your opponent. 

Then again, you may also say I'm a cheapskate for selling my old stuff lah. But if it makes someone else happy to get something he/she wants at a cheaper price (and still in good condition). then why no? Also... Kinda need a bit of extra cash these days lah. To make the world a better place, the cheapos really have to VANISH.





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