I've got a dream!

I've got a dream for a looooong long time already. I've probably mentioned it somewhere in this blog or my old one. Sometimes, my dream, seems soooo sooooo far away that I just think "oh, forget it" and stop hoping an chasin Sometimes I feel bitter about it. Sometimes I'm brimming with hope. Other times I'm just resigned to my fate, and countdown to end of life HA.

You know the biggest problem with dreams? It usually involves stepping out of your comfort zone. It involves courage, adventure, and so much more. That's when you get naysayers, obstacles (both internal and external), blah blah blah.

Rapunzel had a dream! To see the world! Just like me! Disney movies always give people false hopes HA. I don't know why I still love them so much. 

And I feel like I'm quite smart these days HA. Well, many years ago my friends did shed the same advice, but I guess, many years ago I was just a thick block. You know (yes, ridiculous now that I'm almost 30), what is the best way to be able to go on holiday with friends?

Don' say " can I go Hong Kong with my friends?". Instead, say "I'm going to Hong Kong with my friends". The slight tweak in words can make a whole lot of difference HAHAHA. I wish I used this strategy when I was younger and had more friends! These days, people are busy with married life, kids, buying new houses that there's so little time for "girls outings". I just wish I saw more of the world when I was younger, and now it seems like it's too late.

Then again, this year, I did manage to do some things that my closest friends were like OMGGGG. To you, reader, these are gonna seem like child's play. But hahaha.. To people who REALLY know me, it's like Neil Armstrong "Making A Giant Leap".

1) I managed to go on holiday with my friends
2) I went Kayaking
3) I went Ice-skating!

So what's next on my THRILL-SEEKING list, huh?


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