I wanna learn to cook!

BELLO! I'm back! All text and no talk again, poor you. Or poor whoever is seeing this. Haha. How are you? I'd tell you what's going on in my life, but it's the same old, same old But I wish I'm globetrotting! I'd love to travel freely someday. I used to say "I'd love to dream about travelling at night" because oh you know... protective family and all. But now, I'm all I'M GOING TO TRAVEL SOMEDAY. I wish I can achieve this dream before I die. Or I'll be really pissed - and there had better be real ghost whisperers to help me get the resolution I need.

My blog these days aren't as happy and exciting as say, ten years ago. But oh well, that's part and parcel of growing up! Y'all young ones should treasure your youth as much as you can!

These days, I have been working... sleeping.. napping... yes that's pretty much everything. I don't even have much energy to go out these days. Age...... Ha.

But there's something I want to try out, and that's baking! And cooking too... maybe. I wanna bake chocolate chip cookies like so, so much. But I don't have an oven. And if I buy one and end up not using all the time... HA.


That's what I will hear for a trillion times!

And I don't want to mess up my parents' kitchen.

But yeah I really have a bit of an interest to cook! Just simple stuff.... Nothing fancy.
Those easy-peasy ones that always get shared on Facebook... cheese meat cheese meat cheese meat!! :D

Will find videos to give ya an idea about what kind of food I'd love to cook! Well.. I don't know if I will be REALLY interested. But if I don't try, I'll never know, right? And if I try and end up not liking.. I'll hear things like "SEE LAH, YOU ALWAYS DO THINGS HALFWAY ONE."

Hmmmmm..... What should I do? To try or not to try?


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