Friday, July 22, 2016

Get your SEIKO watch from Zalora today!

Hi! It's time to talk about... watches and this time, I'm going to talk about dress watches, specifically ones from SEIKO.

These watches are highly versatile, and you can wear and match them with just about anything, whether you are going for an important meeting, a date, or just a day outside running errands!
My deepest memory of SEIKO was the one my father wore to work every day. It lasted him many, many years, and I think it was solar powered, because I remember it would stop working if he stopped bringing it out for a while. Haha. I think designs were limited then – all i can remember is a silver metal watch! But these days... variety is aplenty and here are some awesome designs that caught my eye! 

For the sporty one: SEIKO Mechanical Date/Day Watch 
Go casual with this timepiece. Clean, sleek and striking, this watch will take you on a smooth, laidback journey of relaxation! It comes with a canvas strap, do you can be sure that it's super light and comfy! 

For the dapper one: SEIKO Perpetual Calendar
Let this gorgeous leather timepiece take you to places! Brimming with sophistication, this one takes classiness to a whole new level. Simply because, practicality and fashionista-vibes can go hand in hand!

For the low-profile ladies: Seiko SS/Black Ion Plated 3 Hands WatchThis dual-toned timepiece is the perfect accessory for ladies looking to complement their outfits with a subtle touch. Stainless-steel band and mineral crystal face. Comes in gold and black too! 

For the multi-tasker: SEIKO Multi-dial watch Get everything you need in a watch, in this watch! With more functions than you can count with one hand, this all-in-one piece is a steal at $185.40. The striking red numbers against the matte backdrop adds that finishing touch! 

Images Courtesy of Zalora SG

Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Everything happens for a reason"

I really wonder what the REASON is this time. Or "someday, everything will make sense". I also wonder how much longer I have to WAIT AND SEE. Maybe my hair will be grey already. Blah. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Sharing happiness

I guess, people will never be truly happy for you. When you are happy... Keep it to yourself. That's the only way you can stay happy - because no one else is around to ruin it.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Life like this...

I wish someone can save me from the kind of life I'm stuck in. It's a bit like a prison. Okay a comfy one. But it's the kind of prison that makes me feel like I have nothing to live for. I'm going back to the life where I think.. If I were in a supernatural world and had the chance to hang on or let go.. I would let go. When I think of the life ahead. What's there? Work? Career advancements? Saving money, just saving, saving saving? Living my life according to others' beliefs? Letting others design my life for me? I'm just... living blindly. I think I blogged the same thing 10 years ago. Some things never change. Haha.