Dreams and hopes

You know, I've been looking at successful/brilliant/amazing people, and there are times I start to think "when can I ever be like her?"

I've always wanted to be a brilliant writer, but sometimes, I really wonder if I have what it takes. Writing used to come to easily to me - and when I was in school, people actually liked reading my blog. Sometimes, my classmate would randomly tell me "OMG hahaha I was reading your blog last night and I kept laughing", when all I did was something mundane like talking about something that happened during my one-hour train ride to school. Blah.

I really should practice writing - and I don't mean for work, but here, like I always did when I was younger. I don't know if it's because I write for a living now, or social media platforms like Instagram makes me lazy to catalog my life. Or maybe because nobody reads my blog these days, haha. I really should do something about it. I mean, this blog is where I can write freely. It's mine. My thoughts, my personal style, my eyes, my account. Why don't I spend more time here? I really don't know. And I always say I want to write more, blog more, keep this page alive. But as you can see, the last post was...  I don't even remember when. Haha.

Anyway, maybe I will blog more regularly! Let's see..... 


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