Monday, June 27, 2016

Ted Baker on ZALORA!

Get the London-chic look, because luxury retailer Ted Baker is now on Zalora! You can get TedBaker watches online in just a few clicks (and free delivery, and discount if you're resourceful enough). These classic timepieces are quirky yet fashionable, perfect for any style maven who wants to stand out.

With 40 (so far!) wonderful timepieces for you to choose from, you can be sure that there is something you'll love. Prices range from $198 to $325 – and that's not including the discounts from promo codes and the regular storewide sales!

Whether it's a casual, fun, sporty or corporate, a Ted Baker watch is perfect to complement your outfit.

Here are some that caught my eye:

Ted Baker Silver / Hot Pink Leather Watch:Add a pop of colour to your ootd with this sleek and elegant watch. For $188, this watch is a steal! Plus, you get a $20 discount, which means it's about $150 – a really good price for a branded watch. If you're worried about sweating in Singapore's sweltering heat, you can go for the full stainless steel alternative.

Ted Baker Gold/Brown Leather Watch
You'll never go wrong with this classic colour combination of gold and brown – it's going to match about just anything you wear! Plus, the 12- part analog makes reading the time easy. You get to see the date too – these make it the perfect watch for work!

Ted Baker Sporty Black/Grey Silicone Strap Watch Go sporty with this one. Silicone straps come in cool black, grey and blue colours, which means you enjoy comfort and aesthetics. At $218, a 20% discount means $174!

Remember, delivery is free for purchases over $40, and you can opt for online payment or cash on delivery, plus a free (and hassle-free) return service if you need to (but really, you wouldn't :P ) ! So shop now at Zalora today!
Photos courtesy of Zalora SG


Fantastic weather

The weather has been so darn wonderful these days.... I just wanna laze on my bed and snooze till the afternoon! Oh the temperature..

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dreams and hopes

You know, I've been looking at successful/brilliant/amazing people, and there are times I start to think "when can I ever be like her?"

I've always wanted to be a brilliant writer, but sometimes, I really wonder if I have what it takes. Writing used to come to easily to me - and when I was in school, people actually liked reading my blog. Sometimes, my classmate would randomly tell me "OMG hahaha I was reading your blog last night and I kept laughing", when all I did was something mundane like talking about something that happened during my one-hour train ride to school. Blah.

I really should practice writing - and I don't mean for work, but here, like I always did when I was younger. I don't know if it's because I write for a living now, or social media platforms like Instagram makes me lazy to catalog my life. Or maybe because nobody reads my blog these days, haha. I really should do something about it. I mean, this blog is where I can write freely. It's mine. My thoughts, my personal style, my eyes, my account. Why don't I spend more time here? I really don't know. And I always say I want to write more, blog more, keep this page alive. But as you can see, the last post was...  I don't even remember when. Haha.

Anyway, maybe I will blog more regularly! Let's see.....