Sunday, October 25, 2015

I remember this morbid post

Where I told people not to scream at me or try to wake me up if I happened to get into a coma. I'd just let go. Because as much as I have no suicidal urges, I never thought I had anything important to live for. I mean, what's life? You study, work, hang out with friends, work (at that point, I didn't know what my dream job was)... and then what. Die?

Life was empty, like I was just passing through the motions. I had no idea why I was alive, and I always asked God why I was born. Of course I had no answer. Haha.

But I wonder if there's a reason for my existence. There's got to be, right? Like I said in 10000 of my blog posts... I hate uncertainties, and I hate waiting. 

I haven't abandoned this blog

Dear blog,

I wished I cataloged more of my here, the happy moments, like how I've done since I was fifteen. New people reading my blog will think I'm some emo-nemo angry girl. Then again maybe I shouldn't wish because FML my wishes always come true, even those I make rashly, on impulse (except the one about winning lottery and being the prettiest girl in the world. HAHA).

My blog may not be a living thing, but this song sums up what it has done for me. So thank you. 

Also, I need to make better wishes. Is it the way I phrased them? Was I not explicit enough? Next time I make a wish, I'd better state 100000 clauses.

My life has always worked this way: Whatever I need comes to me when I need it. New job? Sure. I need a new friend to bring me out of something? Sure (but of course, some have to leave when their role is done) . I need a mentor who sees my potential? Yeah. My makeup finished? Sure - Tomorrow's email: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE WON......

Of course, I had to work for them. They don't just appear magically. It's always the waiting and uncertainty that kills me. In everything. In waiting for my university grades, in the timing between my grades and my new job. Many things. Now that I look back on it, sure, everything always worked out in the end (albeit the pain and and on-the-verge-of-tears hopelessness). Why is my life always about trying, trying, trying and not knowing the end-result? Then again, I think that's how everybody's life is. Haha.

ZZZZZZ. Can I have crystal ball, please?

Oh well, whatever. Of course everything will be fine again. Then I will forget it all and move on to the next problem/hurdle in life. And then I can die. And maybe reincarnate and go through the process again. -.-

Man, why do the words "wait" and  "patient" exist? 

I wished a wish

Some time ago, I wished a wish that I would never be caught dead making public. I didn't think much about it because you know, I think the probability of me winning $10 million lottery Jackpot is definitely more likely. It was more like a series of wishes over a period of time. That was a series of wishes out my control - it's the kind so awesomely ridiculous that you'll never expect to come true. From tiny, mundane things to things you read on the Internet and think, "oh I wish that happened to me!"   

It was also the kind of wish that I always kinda wanted to wish, but never let myself wish, but wished anyway - and now I wish I didn't make that wish. Or did I even allow myself to make that wish in the end? If you get the point. Don't think you will :P

It's super scary the way things are unfolding. I kind of think I'm dreaming? Maybe I'm in a coma now and having a super long and realistic dream?

Or f this. Maybe someone is out to get me. But I haven't been pouring my heart out to the good ol' Internet for ages. Nobody should know my thoughts.

Freaking ridiculous is what this is.


Or maybe that mind-reading dude from Heroes exists. And I have something the CIA needs. But he can pick Bill Gates brain lah. Read my insignificant and boring mind for what?

Ok I must be thinking too much. When something is too good to be true, it must be fake. 10 years of agony must be making me delusional. Even it does seem like some magical, powerful force.

Oh darn this I think I really am delusional. But aiyah whatever. 好的不会轮到我的啦. No need to think so much.


MAYBE I AM A SUCKER WHO JUST GOT PLAYED. Wah u all gonna die if this is the case. Whoever you all are. Not falling into stupid trap.

No I'm pretty sure I haven't even WRITTEN AND BURNT some of those thoughts. Shit. Am I stuck in some parallel dimension.

Whole world will be laughing at me soon
Sigh. Quick playing games with my mind bye bye-bye. Hey BSB and Nsync should collab!

It's kind of a scary phenomenon and nobody will understand. Heck, I don't even understand it myself, and I'm not sure I want to. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Omg I cannot

I cannot go down THAT path again. Please. I can feel creeping up on me. AVERT AVERT AVERT! Of course it ain't gonna happen. I am happy and never negative! Heaven forbid I ever feel even a twinge of negativity, because that's when everything goes downhill, and people start to dislike me.

I can't

I can't have so many people wanting advice from me about their problems when I can't even handle my own.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Today, I made a pact to be happy. Because when you are happy, good things will automatically come