I remember this morbid post

Where I told people not to scream at me or try to wake me up if I happened to get into a coma. I'd just let go. Because as much as I have no suicidal urges, I never thought I had anything important to live for. I mean, what's life? You study, work, hang out with friends, work (at that point, I didn't know what my dream job was)... and then what. Die?

Life was empty, like I was just passing through the motions. I had no idea why I was alive, and I always asked God why I was born. Of course I had no answer. Haha.

But I wonder if there's a reason for my existence. There's got to be, right? Like I said in 10000 of my blog posts... I hate uncertainties, and I hate waiting. 


Anonymous said…
Same here.
Sometimes, I do question all these myself.

jia juan lu said…
sometimes i feel this way too, then i'll ask myself what is one thing that i cannot live without and why it is so important that I have to accomplish it. I think setting short term goals step by step helps me feel better.

ShuShu said…
Michelle!! I had no idea you still read blogs! :D Lemme catch up on your posts.

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