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Gear Up for F1 this September!

Gear up guys, because the highly anticipated F1 Singaporeis back! Driving into its sixth year at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, this is one event all racing fanatics around the world have been waiting for. The first ever F1 night race, and Asia's first street circuit you can be sure the organisers are going to live up to their reputations of being awesome! 

You can look forward to an exciting all-star lineup with the likes of K pop group Big Bang, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, The Killers and more. Also, catch your favourite racers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel up close.

Best of all, get ready to flag off an exciting night event with Zalora Singapore's F1 sale. Sign up here and get an all-access pass to the latest deals, promotions, and special offers – you know you want to! : )

So wheels up, and see you at the finish line!

I keep trying, but nothing comes out

I have this project now that I really want to be mine. Mine as in, with as little help from my editor as possible. I want to take selfies with the posters that tens of thousands of people who walk by every day. Like OH HEY I DID THAT. On any other day, I would able to do it. I'm sure. It's not easy but not difficult, either.I want to but I can't. That doesn't even make sense, because how can anyone be unable to write one measley sentence?OF COURSE I KNOW I NEED A BREAK. BUT I ALSO WANT THE PUBLIC TO SEE MY WORK. LIKE IN THE MALL. RIGHT IN THE CITY CENTRE.Why is this happening to me now?

Please fast-forward my life by two days.

There was this one time (the only time in my life) I got very slightly tipsy (and that was really due to the lack of carbs, stupid me) and I remember being on the train, intending to grab the handrails but kept grabbing the air until my friend physically put one of the handles into my hand. And it took quite a bit of effort to ask for the bill. It's happening now. Not because of drinks. My brain is working no more.My stomach is working no more.Maybe it does because all I want to do is puke.I can't focus on my work. Or my life, actually. It's like past one or two weeks has passed in a blur. I have projects to finish. And more than usual Whoever is pulling strings up there, wow you sure are cruel.

Never felt this way before

UI'm so so tired. I jusr realised it's burnout. But there are so many things to be done that I just just drop everything. Long weekend from Friday onwards. But I don't see how I can survive till then. I obsess over deadlines every day even when I sleep. And today when I thought I got everything sorted....A new deadline came to mess my mind up. I've never been so u productive before. I really need this break. And I really need to unplug from work over the long weekend. My sister came to help Me pack!! :D
And bought food for me to bring on my holiday! Ok I feel bad for thinking "why did my sister ask for a Sibling? If she didn't then I wouldn't need to exist today."