Monday, June 15, 2015

Zalora: Vouchers is the Magic Word

What comes to mind when you see or hear the word “voucher”? That's right! Discounts, discounts, discounts. And who doesn't love savings shopping coupons and vouchers? I know I do. :P

There's always some voucher code where Zalora is concerned. Haha. And don't you think the best thing about buying something is when you get to buy something at a reduced price? That feeling of satisfaction never gets old. HAHA.

Sometimes, I wait for 20% discounts to come by – but the funny thing about waiting is, when you're waiting for something, it just WON'T happen. And when it does.. There isn't anything you want to buy. Or you already bought it at the regular price. * hmph *

Then again, fret not. Here's how you can get a 10% discount anytime before 16 May 2015!

From now till May 2016, get to enjoy the perks of Zalora's special discounts as you shop for the latest fashion, right in the comfort of home. And here's an incentive to shop on the go – you get to use a voucher code for a 10% discount when you use Zalora's mobile app to shop! No more boring looooong train rides. :P

All you need to do is to key in the voucher code during checkout, and you're all set! Zalora is known for their fuss-free browsing and shopping experience, plus you don't have to squeeze with the weekend (especially during the Great Single Season!) crowd. With discounts, free delivery above $40, a 30-day free return policy and cash on delivery, what more could you ask for? Whip out that coupon voucher and start shopping! :D

* Images courtesy of Zalora SG

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