That Offending Message from "- 7 Eleven"

So this offending message has been making its rounds on Whatsapp since yesterday. I don't know which bothers me more. The fact that scammers can do this !@#$ so freely, or that people find this !@#$ believable. And by this I mean: 

I mean, I'm sure you can spot hundreds of imperfect grammar/sentence structures on my blog. But for something supposedly official? What is 'Take 1 minute survey"? What kind of company is "-7 Eleven"? And really, (1 of the 50 available)? Why does the background colour clash with the logo's border? 

The same goes for FREE Rolls Royce campaigns. Or some other free whatever-it-was from a 6000-strong "Qatar. Airline" fanpage. Or some dude/girl who apparently has 10,000 brand new iPhones to GIVE away.
Anyway that's not the point. I'm so SICK of malware, viruses, scams, people conning the elderly of their savings. Why do they have to do things like that? Okay okay. Must be something to do with money lah. Then there's the argument of "you were never poor, you'd never understand why people resort to such means to get more money".

UGH ROT SCAMMERS ROT. Then again, there are to many people I wish would rot. Like irresponsible drivers who think they're oh-so-cool-over-alcohol-limit-but-still-garang-can-drive-bit-end-up-killing-people. Sex offenders. Bigots. Victim-blamers. And I think I've ever dedicated an entire blog post to this topic.



Busola said…
I just logged back into my blog after taking an extended break and I was so glad to see that you're still writing on yours! Its been almost two years since we last corresponded (if not more)!
ShuShu said…
I do remember you making a couple of comments on my blog! :)
I just visited your blogs but no updates :(

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