My New Fitness Craze

Hello! I'm on another of my I NEED TO GET FITTER phase (and please let it last long this time). :D

In case you didn't know, my workplace is within walkable distance from my home now! Well, sorta, if you think 2 km's okay. Haha. So my colleagued introduce this app she uses and it's so fun! Okay I don't think it's 100% accurate because it the numbers did jump when I left them alone on my table, but hey, 95% is awesome too! Sure beats spending $$$ on a FitBit or some other fancy sports equipment! 

For some reason, I find the history tab really exciting - it's like, I can't wait to collect more activities! And perhaps see my time go down! :D 

Of course, there's another incentive for this, and it's.. I get to save 80 cents every time I walk home from my workplace! Hey, 80 cents is a lot, if you do the math. Let's say there are 20 weekdays a week -- that'll be $16. Factor in rainy evenings and those I meet my friends for dinner, I'd save at least $10-$12 a month! That's at least $120 a year - and it's a lot to me.

WOOHOO next goal: 20 minutes! :)

Oh the little things you can do to motivate yourself to keep fit and stay healthy!

I've been doing some research on some novelty fitness classes like hydro rider and some biking classes but well. Those can wait - let me find more FOC ways to keep myself motivated first. :P

Oh, the thought of having non-wobbly-bobbly (I mean toned lah) thighs for the first time in my life. 


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