The Day I Dined Alone

Well, actually I do dine alone sometimes. I'm no super social butterfly, you know! Haha. It's quite enjoyable, actually, if you can get over the "Oh my goodness are people staring at me? Are people gossiping about why I'm alone" paranoia. I really doubt anybody does that. I mean, if you see someone eating alone, you won't think much of it, right?

Random fun fact. I like to watch movies alone. Haha.

Well, the other day, it wasn't as if I didn't have a date HAHA. I had to run a last minute errand and it so happened that I (again) got hit by a craving - this time, good ol' Swensens!

This was what I had, and I sure didn't regret it! I'm sorry if it doesn't look appetising hahaha.

And like I always say, what's a meal without dessert? There is always room for dessert! And I got a to bring back a cute coaster! 

Here's Hello Kitty saying hello as she swims in calories. You know what? I can think of something I love about eating alone. Okay maybe I eat too much but haha. Sometimes when I am out with friends, somehow everybody is "oh, I'm too full for dessert...". And in my heart I'm thinking "how can anyone be full?" but then I'll be like "Okay lah I don't order also lah" even though I really, really felt like getting dessert.

And sometimes when I do, I get "wah you really eat a lot hor?" or "Seriously? You're getting more food?" or worse, everybody who said they weren't hungry all ATTACKS my dessert. (is there a crying and pulling own hair emoticon? hahaha)

So now you know, I'm one of those girls who just eats, eats and eats.  XD

And boy, people sure wake up late these days. It was about 11.30am that Saturday when I took this picture, and the crowd only started coming in after 12.30! My friend said that it looks like I booked the entire place hahaha. So romantic ah. Me and my phone -.-

After that, I went to do some shopping! This is something I wanted to buy, and I spent a loooooong time thinking about this. Now that I'm here (and I ended up not buying it), well... sometimes when you need to contemplate for so long, you shouldn't buy it. The only reason I wanted it was because it cost only $20 haha. The dull colour doesn't even compliment my skin tone hahaha don't know I think so long for what ah! Anyway, don't you just love the fitting rooms at H&M? You get to have a 360 degree view of how the outfit looks on you without having to twist and turn and get a crick in your neck!

Because shopping is some tiring business,  I went to my favourite spot for a rest. I love it here! There's almost always a seat, and it's so quiet and peaceful And there's free WiFi. And the seats are reasonably far apart from each other. I am very particular about personal space haha. I have another favourite spot in ION Orchard - the 55th story, but I've mentioned that before so I shan't bore you! 

Here's the view. You can hardly find such a non human-congested place in Singapore these days, and that's why I love it here. Look at the first level - obviously I'm not the only one who feels this way haha. :) 

And here's a selfie! I cut my fringe! This pair of glasses makes my nose even larger. Than it already is. Arghhhhh.  Okay that's all! Cya! 


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