First thing that comes to mind?

I really doubt anybody is interested to know more about me HAHA! I remember it was almost 10 years ago when surveys were cool! Hey, old fogeys like myself were cool in our time okay. :) Anyway, we used to do this in the notes section of Facebook and we'd tag all our friends. I don't think many people use the notes feature now, but I did some good ol' stalking and here's the one I picked!

Here goes!

Here is what you do. Use the 1st letter of your middle name to answer each of the following.They have to be real places, names, things... nothing made up! 

1) Your middle name starts with:
I don't have a middle name, but let's go with S! 

2) Famous artist/band/musician:
First person who comes to mind? Selena Gomez. 

3) 4-letter word:
Suck? Haha. And I was gonna think of another word, but, really, nothing comes to mind. Sorry XD

4) State:
Selangor! It's a state, right? 

5) Boy name:
Sergio. Don't even ask me why. I don't know any Sergios. I doubt you know any Segios. But that's me! Random all the timeeeee. 

6) Girl name:

7) Animal:
Okay it took me a while. You know how sometimes you spend forever trying to think of something that's actually really simple? Yep that's one of those times. This is also one of those times I'm stalling for time. Wait why can't I think of an animal that starts with an S? I'm seriously itching to go Google it now but I ..... I GOTTA DO IT MYSELF. Okay not Simba. Snake? Nah that's a reptile. OKAY GOOGLE, YOU WIN.

hey you know what? 100 million other people have problems with it so I'm feelin' way better about myself now!

Right. Sheep! 

8) Something in the kitchen:
You know when some people say "women belong in the kitchen"?  And when certain people say it, it's funny, and when some other person says it, you want to punch him? It's a totally wrong theory because - OH I GOT IT. SPOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9) Reason for being late:
I'm almost never late. So... Haha. 

10) Body Part:
I was gonna Google it and choose a really advanced one and pretend to be all intellectual. Okay I really don't do this spur of the moment things very well. Then I saw... SPINE. Wait, How can I ever, ever forget that? I have a metal rod attached to my spine, for goodness sake! 

11) Drink:
Strawberry Milk

13) Something you eat:
Strawberries? Well technically it's something humans in general eat, because I don't really fancy real strawberies!

14) Your middle name:

15) Song:
Somewhere Only We Know. I loved the Glee version when Blaine sang it to Kurt and everybody did that running around musical thing! There's just something about musicals. Oh, and the song's gonna be stuck in my head until I go to sleep. And maybe not even then!


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