Bad Things Comes in Threes?

Do you believe in this?

As much as I dislike certain superstitious beliefs, there are some which have happened a few too many times for me to not believe in. Like this one.

So last week, I was fulfilling my usual bubble tea requirement intake, and..... it came with no pearls, even when I did request for pearls. I mean, bubble tea with no pearls? Pearls are the reason I love bubble tea so much! Oh, the smooth bouncy goodness. Haha.

While I was walking back to the office after getting my food, something about  the left side of my shoes felt a little weird. I shook it off because.. hey, I check that pair of shoes all the time -- just to see if I needed a new pair (I have two pairs of shoes where I buy the same model over and over again, but well, that's another story.). THEN I REALISED THE SOLES AT THE FRONT CAME OFF. And I was so terrified that I'd fall. But I didn't thank goodness.

At this point of my life, this bad things happen in threes thing has been pretty much proven. So I was bracing myself for the worst. And for it to hit me when I was least expecting it. And everybody knows I have the best imagination in the whole wide world so....

Imagine a hot, smoldering sunny day. You spend eight minutes walking to the food centre, and another 8 walking back. You are so hungry and so, so ready to dig in, You open your packet of rice and realise..... NO SPOON.

How would you react? Haha on a regular day I'd have been all ARGHHHHH. But this time... I went. OH THANK GOODNESS. That's all?


Okay so there's my story for the week. Have a good week ahead! :D 


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