What was young Steve Jobs like?

Oh my goodness I feel like cow dung now. :(

I wonder what brilliant people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were when they were young. Where they good at their jobs? Were they ever young, inexperienced, or green?

Why am I so lousy?

Well, something happened that could justify my inaptness, but just a BIT - honestly, there is no excuse for my stupidity or eternal failure-dom. If anything, I blame myself.

At least... It wasn't a mistake. Now those I am unbelievably adverse to. Only when they are committed by me, of course.

And when people are so nice about it, I feel doubly, triply bad.

I've been at my new job for a month, and I really don't see any stark improvements. Which is really difficult for me to stomach because... To excel is what I've always wanted for myself. You know, I actually wouldn't mind it the road to success was TOUGH. It's the "not knowing whether you'll reach there" thing that really bugs me.

You know it's true. Not everyone who works hard makes it. There's a weight limit on the Success Meter. Which has a little to do with luck as well - this you also know is true.

I always meet people who give me chances. Every single time, it's because they feel I am "eager", "driven" etc. But I think they forgot to access level of stupidity. Because "motivation" and "stupidity" are like oil and water. They just don't mix, no matter how much you shake it.

Perhaps one day, I'll be a top journalist and look back and laugh about this in my best-selling memoir.

And the question that pops into my mind ever-so-occasionally (i.e once in a few years)... Why was I born?

And obviously, I'm not going to get any answers from this blog post, since you know, the only person who really cared about this blog and every word in it (no matter how stupid or boring or inconsequential) is gone.

I can't be a failure (is mediocre a better term?) FOREVER. I still have at least 70 years to go!

Then again, this gives me another chance for my very favorite hobby. To prove people right, and prove people wrong. 


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