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What was young Steve Jobs like?

Oh my goodness I feel like cow dung now. :(

I wonder what brilliant people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were when they were young. Where they good at their jobs? Were they ever young, inexperienced, or green?

Why am I so lousy?

Well, something happened that could justify my inaptness, but just a BIT - honestly, there is no excuse for my stupidity or eternal failure-dom. If anything, I blame myself.

At least... It wasn't a mistake. Now those I am unbelievably adverse to. Only when they are committed by me, of course.

And when people are so nice about it, I feel doubly, triply bad.

I've been at my new job for a month, and I really don't see any stark improvements. Which is really difficult for me to stomach because... To excel is what I've always wanted for myself. You know, I actually wouldn't mind it the road to success was TOUGH. It's the "not knowing whether you'll reach there" thing that really bugs me.

You know it's true. Not everyone w…