I feel like I'll never be good at anything

And the feeling is terrible. I want to be a brilliant writer... But how? :( you might be one of the better ones in school, but in the real world, it's so different. What if I live the rest of my life just average, or *gasp* below average and never growing? :(

I wonder if brilliant writers are born or bred. Or maybe my life is a lie arghhhh I mean all this time in school, teachers all say I'd grow up to be a writer. But sometimes I look at the stuff top agencies do and I'd be like -- okay I could never have pulled that off.

And it's not like I didn't try! I am a brochure/phamplet/EDM packrat. Andi really don't know how to make myself improve. I mean, I used to think,"Oh, practice makes perfect!" But after practicing and not seeing significant improvements, it is sooooo discourage 

What, no secret formula? Makes me wish I was good at numbers. 

Alsooooo is this considered complaining omg. One of my life resolutions is to keep complaint sessions to a minimum. 


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