First Blog Post of 2015!

It's funny how I used to have plans all the time when I was a little younger. This year, I spent New Year's Eve at home doing... nothing. Maybe just lazing around. I don't remember the last time I had no plans for NYE. Well I might have had, but I just don't remember. Bahh.

Oh, actually I spent NYE scrolling through Instagram and watching people play with their babies. And then I  thought back to some of the wrong choices that I have made. I think if I collected them in bottles and kept them in my room, I would have to sleep in the living room.

Every year is more eventful than the last, and it's the case for this year too. This year, I was extra aggressive about achieving my goals, and I think it might have backfired (towards the end of the year). I was so tired, I think I might have screwed two major opportunities up.

I guess that's how you learn, huh? Out of the two, there is one I really, really set my heart on, and I'm hoping and praying every day that everything will work out in the end. PLEASE. It's a brand new year, and as clich├ęd as it sounds, I would like to write a good book. And not one that's good for just the first 11 chapters. I want a good last chapter too.  Ambition is good, but you can't push yourself too hard, I guess?

Also, this year, I hope a new phone and a flip-screen camera will magically appear.

And that if people even ATTEMPT to push me into a bottomless pit of boiling soup, may all karma rebound on every possible surface, multiply, go straight back to them, and may they fall into the scalding soup of their least favourite flavour.


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