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Korean Fashion Fever at Zalora!

Korean Fever has been here for some time, so we have our Korean dramas, Korean bands, Korean makeup, and of course... Korean fashion!
Introducing Headline Seoul Singapore (HLS): a Korean Brand that's on Zalora's virtual shelves, right here for you to shop in the comforts of home! Always updated with the latest K-styles, you can be sure that you can a whole range of trendy, versatile apparel for any occasion! From casual, cute, to layered looks, getting fashion inspiration from this popular culture has never been simpler! 

What's more, as Zalora is so famously known for, you get to enjoy sale prices – up to 39% off!

Here are some styles that caught my eye:

Marine Rope Crop Top 
Effortlessly chic and casual, rock this look at a fun-filled weekend. Made from polyblend, this soft and breezy material will ensure the best comfort in this city's sweltering heat! I think it's pretty cute, especially when paired with the geek glasses!

Step Fur Pullover And since it's t…

Is there a need for such complications?

What's happening to me?!?!

Optimism vs. Realism.

Its one thing to be optimistic and hope (and work) for the best, but whether it's realistic or not... Hmmm.  Oh uncertainities and disappointments, why do you exist?

I remember this morbid post

Where I told people not to scream at me or try to wake me up if I happened to get into a coma. I'd just let go. Because as much as I have no suicidal urges, I never thought I had anything important to live for. I mean, what's life? You study, work, hang out with friends, work (at that point, I didn't know what my dream job was)... and then what. Die?

Life was empty, like I was just passing through the motions. I had no idea why I was alive, and I always asked God why I was born. Of course I had no answer. Haha.

But I wonder if there's a reason for my existence. There's got to be, right? Like I said in 10000 of my blog posts... I hate uncertainties, and I hate waiting.

I haven't abandoned this blog

Dear blog,

I wished I cataloged more of my here, the happy moments, like how I've done since I was fifteen. New people reading my blog will think I'm some emo-nemo angry girl. Then again maybe I shouldn't wish because FML my wishes always come true, even those I make rashly, on impulse (except the one about winning lottery and being the prettiest girl in the world. HAHA).

My blog may not be a living thing, but this song sums up what it has done for me. So thank you. 

Also, I need to make better wishes. Is it the way I phrased them? Was I not explicit enough? Next time I make a wish, I'd better state 100000 clauses.

My life has always worked this way: Whatever I need comes to me when I need it. New job? Sure. I need a new friend to bring me out of something? Sure (but of course, some have to leave when their role is done) . I need a mentor who sees my potential? Yeah. My makeup finished? Sure - Tomorrow's email: CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE WON......

Of course, I had to…

I wished a wish

Some time ago, I wished a wish that I would never be caught dead making public. I didn't think much about it because you know, I think the probability of me winning $10 million lottery Jackpot is definitely more likely. It was more like a series of wishes over a period of time. That was a series of wishes out my control - it's the kind so awesomely ridiculous that you'll never expect to come true. From tiny, mundane things to things you read on the Internet and think, "oh I wish that happened to me!"   
It was also the kind of wish that I always kinda wanted to wish, but never let myself wish, but wished anyway - and now I wish I didn't make that wish. Or did I even allow myself to make that wish in the end? If you get the point. Don't think you will :P
It's super scary the way things are unfolding. I kind of think I'm dreaming? Maybe I'm in a coma now and having a super long and realistic dream?
Or f this. Maybe someone is out to get me. B…

Omg I cannot

I cannot go down THAT path again. Please. I can feel creeping up on me. AVERT AVERT AVERT! Of course it ain't gonna happen. I am happy and never negative! Heaven forbid I ever feel even a twinge of negativity, because that's when everything goes downhill, and people start to dislike me.

I can't

I can't have so many people wanting advice from me about their problems when I can't even handle my own.


Today, I made a pact to be happy. Because when you are happy, good things will automatically come

Gear Up for F1 this September!

Gear up guys, because the highly anticipated F1 Singaporeis back! Driving into its sixth year at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, this is one event all racing fanatics around the world have been waiting for. The first ever F1 night race, and Asia's first street circuit you can be sure the organisers are going to live up to their reputations of being awesome! 

You can look forward to an exciting all-star lineup with the likes of K pop group Big Bang, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, The Killers and more. Also, catch your favourite racers such as Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel up close.

Best of all, get ready to flag off an exciting night event with Zalora Singapore's F1 sale. Sign up here and get an all-access pass to the latest deals, promotions, and special offers – you know you want to! : )

So wheels up, and see you at the finish line!

I keep trying, but nothing comes out

I have this project now that I really want to be mine. Mine as in, with as little help from my editor as possible. I want to take selfies with the posters that tens of thousands of people who walk by every day. Like OH HEY I DID THAT. On any other day, I would able to do it. I'm sure. It's not easy but not difficult, either.I want to but I can't. That doesn't even make sense, because how can anyone be unable to write one measley sentence?OF COURSE I KNOW I NEED A BREAK. BUT I ALSO WANT THE PUBLIC TO SEE MY WORK. LIKE IN THE MALL. RIGHT IN THE CITY CENTRE.Why is this happening to me now?

Please fast-forward my life by two days.

There was this one time (the only time in my life) I got very slightly tipsy (and that was really due to the lack of carbs, stupid me) and I remember being on the train, intending to grab the handrails but kept grabbing the air until my friend physically put one of the handles into my hand. And it took quite a bit of effort to ask for the bill. It's happening now. Not because of drinks. My brain is working no more.My stomach is working no more.Maybe it does because all I want to do is puke.I can't focus on my work. Or my life, actually. It's like past one or two weeks has passed in a blur. I have projects to finish. And more than usual Whoever is pulling strings up there, wow you sure are cruel.

Never felt this way before

UI'm so so tired. I jusr realised it's burnout. But there are so many things to be done that I just just drop everything. Long weekend from Friday onwards. But I don't see how I can survive till then. I obsess over deadlines every day even when I sleep. And today when I thought I got everything sorted....A new deadline came to mess my mind up. I've never been so u productive before. I really need this break. And I really need to unplug from work over the long weekend. My sister came to help Me pack!! :D
And bought food for me to bring on my holiday! Ok I feel bad for thinking "why did my sister ask for a Sibling? If she didn't then I wouldn't need to exist today."


Maybe I am just not cut out for this. Maybe I have the wrong kind of job. Maybe I am talentless loser and I should just curl up and die. Maybe I will never be successful. Maybe all the dreams, aspirations and goals I have... Are useless.Maybe my brain isn't working anymore.

That Offending Message from "- 7 Eleven"

So this offending message has been making its rounds on Whatsapp since yesterday. I don't know which bothers me more. The fact that scammers can do this !@#$ so freely, or that people find this !@#$ believable. And by this I mean: 
I mean, I'm sure you can spot hundreds of imperfect grammar/sentence structures on my blog. But for something supposedly official? What is 'Take 1 minute survey"? What kind of company is "-7 Eleven"? And really, (1 of the 50 available)? Why does the background colour clash with the logo's border? 
The same goes for FREE Rolls Royce campaigns. Or some other free whatever-it-was from a 6000-strong "Qatar. Airline" fanpage. Or some dude/girl who apparently has 10,000 brand new iPhones to GIVE away.
Anyway that's not the point. I'm so SICK of malware, viruses, scams, people conning the elderly of their savings. Why do they have to do things like that? Okay okay. Must be something to do with money lah. Then there…

My New Fitness Craze

Hello! I'm on another of my I NEED TO GET FITTER phase (and please let it last long this time). :D

In case you didn't know, my workplace is within walkable distance from my home now! Well, sorta, if you think 2 km's okay. Haha. So my colleagued introduce this app she uses and it's so fun! Okay I don't think it's 100% accurate because it the numbers did jump when I left them alone on my table, but hey, 95% is awesome too! Sure beats spending $$$ on a FitBit or some other fancy sports equipment! 

For some reason, I find the history tab really exciting - it's like, I can't wait to collect more activities! And perhaps see my time go down! :D 
Of course, there's another incentive for this, and it's.. I get to save 80 cents every time I walk home from my workplace! Hey, 80 cents is a lot, if you do the math. Let's say there are 20 weekdays a week -- that'll be $16. Factor in rainy evenings and those I meet my friends for dinner, I'd save a…

First thing that comes to mind?

I really doubt anybody is interested to know more about me HAHA! I remember it was almost 10 years ago when surveys were cool! Hey, old fogeys like myself were cool in our time okay. :) Anyway, we used to do this in the notes section of Facebook and we'd tag all our friends. I don't think many people use the notes feature now, but I did some good ol' stalking and here's the one I picked!

Here goes!
Here is what you do. Use the 1st letter of your middle name to answer each of the following.They have to be real places, names, things... nothing made up! 

1) Your middle name starts with:
I don't have a middle name, but let's go with S! 

2) Famous artist/band/musician:
First person who comes to mind? Selena Gomez. 

3) 4-letter word:
Suck? Haha. And I was gonna think of another word, but, really, nothing comes to mind. Sorry XD

4) State:
Selangor! It's a state, right? 

5) Boy name:
Sergio. Don't even ask me why. I don't know any Sergios. I doubt you know any Segios. …

The Day I Dined Alone

Well, actually I do dine alone sometimes. I'm no super social butterfly, you know! Haha. It's quite enjoyable, actually, if you can get over the "Oh my goodness are people staring at me? Are people gossiping about why I'm alone" paranoia. I really doubt anybody does that. I mean, if you see someone eating alone, you won't think much of it, right?

Random fun fact. I like to watch movies alone. Haha.

Well, the other day, it wasn't as if I didn't have a date HAHA. I had to run a last minute errand and it so happened that I (again) got hit by a craving - this time, good ol' Swensens!

This was what I had, and I sure didn't regret it! I'm sorry if it doesn't look appetising hahaha.

And like I always say, what's a meal without dessert? There is always room for dessert! And I got a to bring back a cute coaster! 

Here's Hello Kitty saying hello as she swims in calories. You know what? I can think of something I love about eating alone. O…

Bad Things Comes in Threes?

Do you believe in this?

As much as I dislike certain superstitious beliefs, there are some which have happened a few too many times for me to not believe in. Like this one.

So last week, I was fulfilling my usual bubble tea requirement intake, and..... it came with no pearls, even when I did request for pearls. I mean, bubble tea with no pearls? Pearls are the reason I love bubble tea so much! Oh, the smooth bouncy goodness. Haha.

While I was walking back to the office after getting my food, something about  the left side of my shoes felt a little weird. I shook it off because.. hey, I check that pair of shoes all the time -- just to see if I needed a new pair (I have two pairs of shoes where I buy the same model over and over again, but well, that's another story.). THEN I REALISED THE SOLES AT THE FRONT CAME OFF. And I was so terrified that I'd fall. But I didn't thank goodness.

At this point of my life, this bad things happen in threes thing has been pretty …

What was young Steve Jobs like?

Oh my goodness I feel like cow dung now. :(

I wonder what brilliant people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were when they were young. Where they good at their jobs? Were they ever young, inexperienced, or green?

Why am I so lousy?

Well, something happened that could justify my inaptness, but just a BIT - honestly, there is no excuse for my stupidity or eternal failure-dom. If anything, I blame myself.

At least... It wasn't a mistake. Now those I am unbelievably adverse to. Only when they are committed by me, of course.

And when people are so nice about it, I feel doubly, triply bad.

I've been at my new job for a month, and I really don't see any stark improvements. Which is really difficult for me to stomach because... To excel is what I've always wanted for myself. You know, I actually wouldn't mind it the road to success was TOUGH. It's the "not knowing whether you'll reach there" thing that really bugs me.

You know it's true. Not everyone w…

When I Dream, I Dream of You

It's been such a long time since I was last year. It's also because I started a more personal blog elsewhere, in memory of a good friend (one of the few who actually read my blog). 
I don't know why, but I feel so... lethargic and listless all the time. I wish... I made the move to go on a short staycation. But it's too late now because... I just started on my new job, and won't be able to take leave for 3 months. And yes, new job! How time flies, huh? I hope here's another chance to shine.

Anyway, here's a song that (very uncharacteristically) caught my attention. Hope y'all like it! 

Sick or What

What do you call feeling sick but nobody, not even you, knows why exactly you feel sick?
It's called. Horrible.
Or maybe its called Coming Down with Something.
I can't stand it. I can't think straight, can't sleep, don't feel like eating or going out.
Also, some people are so inconsiderate, and I hope they pay :(
Hope I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow.

A Wonderful Tagline

Why some peole can write such beautifully-crafted taglines and intro paragraphs. I've been collecting brochures and EDMs until I think I'll I could like, build a paper house (and I get like 50 EDMs a day). BUT OMGGGG when I even ATTEMPT to come u with something, I get so, so tired. Argh. Why did my teachers tell me I'd be a writer when I grow up? Writers all write captivating taglines. I don't. HA and I think I'm on like, the 10th page of "How To Write A Great Tagline". And you know when you reach a certain page on search engine, it means you are desperate.

Get a New Look from Zalora Today!

It’s a brand new year. Wardrobe revamp, anyone? From shorts, beachwear, outerwear, jeans and even sleepwear, you’re spoilt for choice at New Look women’s at Zalora.

Now, let me walk you through some of my favourites!  This was the first photo that caught my eye, even though I don’t know where I’d wear this. Haha. The Navy Toggle Hooded Coat features a leather trim with two decorative pockets on the front and you will love this – a hood.

If you’ve known me for some time, you’ll also know that I’m almost always in skater skirts – usually plain ones. I think a change may be coming soon though – printed skirts look great as well. Check out the Bird Print Skater Skirt!

The Petite Black Jersey Belted Maxi Skirt is perfect for an oh-I-don’t-want-to-wear-a-miniskirt day. Featuring pleated details along the waist, this maxi skirt comes along twin side pockets too!

There’s just something special about floral shirts. For a casual, laid-back oh-I’m-not-even-trying-to-dress-up-but-I-know-I-look-g…

I feel like I'll never be good at anything

And the feeling is terrible. I want to be a brilliant writer... But how? :( you might be one of the better ones in school, but in the real world, it's so different. What if I live the rest of my life just average, or *gasp* below average and never growing? :(
I wonder if brilliant writers are born or bred. Or maybe my life is a lie arghhhh I mean all this time in school, teachers all say I'd grow up to be a writer. But sometimes I look at the stuff top agencies do and I'd be like -- okay I could never have pulled that off.
And it's not like I didn't try! I am a brochure/phamplet/EDM packrat. Andi really don't know how to make myself improve. I mean, I used to think,"Oh, practice makes perfect!" But after practicing and not seeing significant improvements, it is sooooo discourage 
What, no secret formula? Makes me wish I was good at numbers. 
Alsooooo is this considered complaining omg. One of my life resolutions is to keep complaint sessions to a minimum.…

First Blog Post of 2015!

It's funny how I used to have plans all the time when I was a little younger. This year, I spent New Year's Eve at home doing... nothing. Maybe just lazing around. I don't remember the last time I had no plans for NYE. Well I might have had, but I just don't remember. Bahh.

Oh, actually I spent NYE scrolling through Instagram and watching people play with their babies. And then I  thought back to some of the wrong choices that I have made. I think if I collected them in bottles and kept them in my room, I would have to sleep in the living room.

Every year is more eventful than the last, and it's the case for this year too. This year, I was extra aggressive about achieving my goals, and I think it might have backfired (towards the end of the year). I was so tired, I think I might have screwed two major opportunities up.

I guess that's how you learn, huh? Out of the two, there is one I really, really set my heart on, and I'm hoping and praying every day th…