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Sometimes I want to stop reading the news

This week, I've lost count of how many children have died from child abuse. I don't know how some people have the hearts to do such horrible things to a fellow human being, or more specifically,   their own flesh and blood. I mean, what wrong can a toddler do. Try to get your attention? Try to be sweet so that you will love them more? Because they're 2 years old and they don't have anyone else? It's not like they can go out to look for friends.
AND THEN YOU HIT HIM WITH A FRYING PAN. Most people I know are terrified of not being good-enough parents. I say if you're scared, you have the makings of a good parent. But some parents seem to be hell-bent on being awful parents. Or in this case, homicidal ones. ARGHHHH and this must be happening so much, behind closed doors.
The rape culture in UVA the Rolling Stones published had me fuming as well.
What has become of humanity?

I think it's happening again.

Sometimes I forget what I always say about not letting myself feel to happy. Because every time I do, things just seem to... fall apart. How did it come to this? Earlier this year I was feeling so happy and accomplished. A sudden turn of events, and now, all I feel is failure.

The end of last year was not a good one for me. And then suddenly wow everything changed, and it was like I got transported to fairyland. And then I waited months and months for something bad to happen... nothing did.
But of course, these things don't creep up on you. They SPRING up on you. Stupid me, right? After all this time... I should have known better.

You know some rough patches are temporary and make you a better person? Some are also quite...  detrimental. I don't know which one this is, but please. Make it the former. Argh. I really really want to be somebody brilliant or at least, reasonably successful. I know positivity is the key but there are times that I really doubt myself.

I always fel…

Stay Positive

Song of the day:  

If you've been following me, you'll realise that when I start talking in lyrics, I'm starting to catch a bug. The negativity bug. Bah. Have never had a strong immunity against this particular strain of bug. The only plus point is now I recognise the warning signs so maybe I can do something about it.

Like, running away.

Okay I'm kidding. I think.

Being Taken For a Ride

Is really no fun at all. Being taken for MANY rides is even worse.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot these days and...
Honestly, my worst fear isn't cats, bugs, or disgusting food. My worst fear is growing older to be jaded and having nothing to live for (except to fulfil basic physiological needs like food and hydration). And not being able to get out of that rut. Or worse, not being able to summon the drive/determination to get out of it. 
Because like I mentioned, that is just very sad. We're all here for a reason, be it a tiny or major contribution to the world (mine confirm tiny lol but I will make do). Life is short and as I'm able to type this - you know that I, likewise with most people around me, have the resources to go further, to pursue my dreams. And if we don't thank our lucky stars then we should read more rags-to-success stories and reflect on our the sheer audacity of our ungratefulness.
I am so afraid that one day I'll just get tired, jaded a…

The Folly of My Youth

Did you know, even if you take your old blog posts down like, eons ago...

Oh of course you do. We're all supposed to know that once something is posted online, there's no retracting it. I found some old photos from one of my very cringe-inducing blogs -.-. Don't know what came over me last time.

This are just some very roughly-anyhow-afewseconds version of how I WANTED to look. Not that it's not nice lah - there are people who are naturally thin like this and they are perfect the way they are. It's just that right now, it's how... unrealistic my expectations were that bugs me. And also the reasons behind wanting to be skinny -.-

And fortunately, back then, the Internet community wasn't as brutal as it is now. I think I got quite a few nice, concerned-filled comments from people I didn't know in real life. HAH. Those were the days.

Oh, and  look at the phone. That's how old these photos are.

Moral of the story? Don't upload photos - ever. Be…