Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Moving On!

Just now, I saw someone I use to have problems with (I now think "hate" is too strong a word to use) on my newsfeed, and I didn't fly into an irrational (internal) rage! You know how when you hate somebody, anything he/she does or says irks you? Even the tiniest things (for me it was eyebrows HAHA) and hardly anyone else understands, and probably think you're just being difficult? Yep. Of course you do! So I shan't continue. Hahaha. These days I am trying to channel positive thoughts.

我刚刚在Facebook看到一个不是很。。。要好的人的update (如果说“讨厌” 是有点不太恰当了吧),但没有像以前这样发火!你有时候会不会觉得只要讨厌一个人,他的所作所为全都讨厌透了?连小小的举子动作 (一时忘了那个叫真么 “原型举子”或什么的成语)都会使得你感到特别反感?然后大家都会觉得你大惊小怪, 蛮不讲理 ? 应该有吧?But whatever, 最近我在锻炼一个对生活乐观的态度。

You know, I honestly never thought this day would come. Of course I hoped, but after some time, I lost hope. If you get what I mean. Hahahaha. Then every now and then I would wallow in self-pity and wonder why I had to be subject to such @#$%^&;. I'd be like "Why do you even exist?", "I wish there are some people I can just erase" blah blah blah. Kinda dramatic now lol lol when I think about it. But back then I was miserable and I thought it would be forever (okay now I can't stand myself).

你知道吗, 我做梦都没预计到这一天的来临 (I'm actually quite impressed at this sentence, lol)。 当然, 我是非常的希望我能看得开,但是有些事不是说说就能做到的。多么辛苦的尝试, 谋求都困难的要命。记得有时候我会有点可怜自己lol lol. 为什么会那么倒霉会遇到克星。Okay, 不玩了。 This is taking up too much time. You know how many additional steps typing in Chinese requires? And y'all know 24 hours in a day ain't enough for me because I still have a lot of things I want to achieve in life. There are so many things waiting for me.

And before you go "why do you have somebody you don't like on your friend list?" or "nobody told you to read", make sure you aren't guilty of it yourself! :D

I never really disliked anyone very much, anyway. Unless you count the Sunshine Empire thing, but now I think that wasn't really their faults that they suddenly changed. Some... tactics are difficult to ward off.

Okay bye gonna do a bit of online shopping now! Wanted to get some stuff yesterday because there was a 40% discount. And then I fell asleep by accident (what's new) and everything's sold out today.

Then again, maybe I should Fall Asleep By Accident again. So that I won't spend more money, and get to save more money for my retirement fund. I'm now thinking "if I keep saving money, what am I living for?" right now, but I have a feeling when I'm old with achy-breaky bones, I'd be like "Oh, I wish I saved more money last time! Why did I waste money on those useless stuff!"

And super random but I just saw my Poly classmate on my newsfeed and she's one of the finalists for Miss Universe in her country. Of course, she was always pretty, smart and nice but she was soooooooo quiet. It's amazing how people blossom! And on an even more random note, I know will never be beautiful. So the next time anybody tells me "You can be anyone you want to be" I will tell him/her "Ok lah I want to be a Victoria's Secret Angel."

But seriously? I want to be like Suzanne Jung or Christine Tan and if I dare dream, Ellen DeGeneres. And Dick Lee (if I do away with the "Singer" part).

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Not very thought-provoking thoughts... again.

Today I am trying out something new! If you didn't already know, I am almost done with school! I just have to go complete ONE exam (darn stomach flu last year) and I'll be officially done! I'm not going to even SIT on my bed until I am done doing everything I need to.

On top of the world haha. More on this soon!
Today (ugh, I just used this word two sentences ago), I was at the petrol kiosk and I saw the shelves of coffee and Red Bull. Ugh. Those were my lifelines for three years. I don't even fancy them that much. Now that I'm here, I don't know how I got through all that. I mean, going to school 2 or 3 nights a week, and completing assignments and sitting for exams? Oh, but I made it. YAY ME. Hahaha.

My point is, these days, I don't need to hit the books after dinner, so I usually lie down to "rest my eyes" or "take a quick snooze". And then I'll wake up at 1am and realise my "quick snooze" became "a really long power nap". And then I'll get so angry for wasting time. I could have been doing something more meaningful.

Oh yay it's 10.30pm and I haven't "snoozed"! This is a habit I really ought to kick. And I think I'll go clear my desktop. It's filled with so many icons now that I bet there's only space for less than 10 new files/folders. Tata!

And I'm gonna put up a pic just for the sake of putting up a pic. Here's my new Facebook Cover Photo! I wanted to add a lens flare but decided not to ha. So you know the sun in the pic is 100% natural.

And I know nobody cares, but I'll still say it. Y'all know how I got this pic? I was walking and saw that it had potential, so I stopped and dug out my phone to take it. Yup that's all. No special reason or life-changing story behind it.

A learning point, maybe. Out of the 1001 times I've walked along this stretch, this is the only time I noticed that the landscape is actually quite pretty. We all take our surroundings for granted (especially when they're ALWAYS there) . If you only stop looking at your phones while walking (and blocking my path while walking slowly zig-zag and ultimately testing my patience), you'll see beauty everywhere. Then you can stop complaining incessantly about how boring Singapore is. If you make the effort, there'll ALWAYS be something worth looking at.

There you go. Hopefully, this non-bimbotic input overwrites the preceding paragraph. You know, I'm not as dumb as people think. But it's okay. Those who matter, know better (oh hey they rhyme!). And someday when I win a Pulitzer-equivalent award, a lot of people will lose their jaws. And then I will collect them all as payback for the 20+ years of injustice. 为自己讨回一个公道HMPH hahaha. 

Okay, now that last sentence sounded shallow, I'm sorry. :D

Woohoo! Monday's a public holiday! HELLLOOOOO long weekend! :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Day I Cleaned My Life Up

All 8GB (thereabouts) of it!

And I still have a little over 3000 photos to go. Sigh.

And don't get me wrong. When I say my phone is my life, it doesn't mean I'm one of those who are stuck to their phones 24/7. It's just that I am a serial... logger. A Serial Logger (in my book) means I find just about anything worthy of recording. Like a quote, a meme, a nice cloud, a wilted flower - you get the point.

And I always get this OUT OF MEMORY SPACE notification - especially when a GENUINELY IMPORTANT situation calls for me to take photos/videos.

This thought just flashed across my mind - if I had to take a video of an accident/crime someday and got this OUT OF MEMORY SPACE and the criminal goes away scot-free due to of lack of evidence, I might never forgive myself.

On the average, I'm allowed to have about 7000 photos on my phone before it runs out of memory space. I always spend time clearing, and after what seems like a lot of effort, I manage to get it down to 6000 - but before I know it? That annoying OUT OF MEMORY SPACE flashes again (and yes, because I have the need to log every significant happening in my life, I have a screenshot of this. And I'll post it when I come across it because looking for it now would be like looking for a needle in all the oceans in the world put together.)

All I have to do is to clear my photos every 2 weeks - and that'll save me more time, I think. I'll be able be more organised and mark the folders by date/event, instead of this:
Which is ridiculous, considering there are a few hundred photos in each folder.

Also, I hope this means that this will mean my phone can last longer (I really don't want to spend money on a new phone) since it won't have to work so hard hahaha.

I just thought... once and for all, I'll clear them.

Okay I feel so... Liberated now. Next I'm goon to clean up my SD cards. And then my desktop icons. And then some other aspects of my life that I really should have handled earlier. Also I need buck up and be consistent!

Found this picture while I was looking for the "Out of Memory Space" Screenshot. So cute.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When somebody takes something away

And you can't get it back, don't see it as a loss. It can be a gain. Sometimes you make the most of .... things. Just like how farmers make use of human/animal waste to make fertilisers hahahahaha.

I've come to a point in life where I don't mull over things that I can't change. I mean, what's the use, when I should really be spending time thinking about what I can do to be better faster stronger?

Forget what I lost. I won't get anything back - but I'm sure I can reach even greater heights. And then whatever I lost wouldn't even matter anymore.

Fuel, fuel. And I also need one lucky break. Just one, please.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Read this read this!

I had so many things to write about this week but was lazy to note them down. And now I regret, because it'd only have taken a minute (each), and now I don't remember what I want to remember! I mean, I'm sure I remember (like that memory is tucked somewhere in my head), but they're so... little that if I have to mention them now, I wouldn't be able to.

So let me look at my Camera Roll and refresh at least part of my memories!

Dinner with a view. I reached the place earlier so I decided to get a seat first, and I got a seat in my favourite part of the restaurant! And I made use of the waiting time to take some photos. :P


Gotta credit my friend Cheri for this one. I was too much of a scardey-cat to take good pictures because I was afraid somebody would come up to me and say "sorry, no phototaking". Which come to think of it, doesn't make sense. Because
1) If that was the case, I could have just apologised, easy as that.
2) Why wouldn't they allow photos? It's good for their business. Like, somebody might say, "ooooh those cakes are sooooo pretty! Where'd you go? I wanna try!!"

This is me being a wannabe food connoisseur. Nah actually it was me being picky. Obviously some people think it's funny. But it's a good shot. Hahahaha. I love unposed shots like this, even though they're usually not-very-nice. I love how these pics capture the essence of funny moments that you can look back on and laugh about.

Oh, and here's an unposed photo that made it to my Profile Pic -Worthy List. Not bad hor? :D


A funny thing happened last week. I'd just finished my compact powder and was all 'darn, gotta spend money on a new one" and taaaadaaaaa - that very day, I got an email notifying me that I won a compact powder! Two actually. I got two on the same day. And I'd only joined like, 5 contests this year, I think.

Oh my fringe. Hey, the last time I talked about it was a long time ago, okay? Remember how I complained about the hairdresser chopping a whole chunk off instead of trimming like I told him to? Yup, it's grown back (thank goodness). But it's at the neither-here-nor-there stage. It's a bother to let it grow, it's also a bother to trim it again, because I'll have to go through this again. So I've decided to grow my fringe out.
I have this love-hate relationship with Mac & Cheese which is not unlike the one with Sticky Chewy Chocolate. "Ughhhh never again" usually becomes "oh but it's sooooooo good". But I was a good girl that day! I didn't order Mac & Cheese. But I koped my friend's lah. Hahahaha. The problem about food like that is that they're sooooooo good but soooooooo rich.


Not usually a ring person, but there was something hypnotising about this blue. And it shimmers under different lighting! Ooooh I hope this is my lucky colour ahhahahaah.

Took this because I am trigger happy and I am the kind of person who logs her food diary hahaha.
And this is soooooooooo good. So good that there is an annoying number of extra Os. I think I might dedicate an entire blog post for this. Because queues are usually insane and y'all know I'm not a big fan of long queues, so I'll probably not come here often.

Oh, and once I had snacks for dinner. Doesn't look impressive but it was soooooooooooo (now I'm just messing with you) good that I just had to post it. It's really for my memories and not you, really. I'm just saying that at the end of the post because I'm annoying like that. But really. Thanks for reading, if anybody is! :)