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Baby it's cold outside

I hope I got the lyrics right. If not well... I'll make that my catchphrase. Or maybe not. There aren't many scenarios to use this phrase in! A :D

You know, the last time I wore this, everybody laughed at me. Hmph. Well they can take their laughs back! Heh. Because the way the weather is now, I'll definitely be able to get away with wearing this! 
We've almost never (maybe never ever) had weather like this. Not long-term, anyway. The weather these few weeks has been absolutely GLORIOUS. I mean, it's always either scorching hot or humid, and now it's like Hong Kong in March! And it doesn't rain. I wish it'd be like this forever. Waking up to cool weather under my fluffy blankets feels soooo good. And yes there is a whole lot of difference between air-conditioning and natural chilliness! I stall treasure this forever. Hahaha. 
I'm wearing a jacket now and it feels sooooooo good. When do you ever wear a jacket in Singapore, IN AN NON-AIR CONDITIONED R…


Hello it's me again! :D
Well, duh. Who else can it be, it's my blog, and there are at least 10 photos of me in the banner! (edit: I just checked, there're only 8.)
I don't know what's going to happen when something bad happens and bursts my bubble. So while taking in mine my Don't Be Too Happy strategy, I'm going to write happy-ish stuff while I can. Haha. 
Oh wait my neighbours just came home. Lemme go say hi to the kids! Oops too slow. Just heard them shut the door!
This is what I'm drinking now. And Hello Kitty just surfaced from the deep, deep sea of frothy apple juice to say Hiiiii! 

And I went to the nursery just now! Well, I went to Chinatown first but it was soooooo crowded that I didn't feel like taking out my phone at all. I regret it now.  It's the CHINESE NEW YEAR CROWD!!!  Arghhhhh. Oh, nursery as in Flower Shop, and not playgroup. Hahaha.

Ahhh flowers I love flowers!!!! And I'd have taken a dozen more photos if I wasn't so afrai…

In class!

OMG I am in class now and I'm feeling kinda sad because it's the last module that I'll need to attend a lecture for! :(

What a nerd, you must be thinking. HAHAHA. But really. I'll miss school. Somehow. But not the research modules and the mad rush at the bus stop! Oh god the bus stop. Okay maybe I don't miss school that much after all. Won't miss being in a half-asleep mode in class either. Hahaha.
I'll miss the library, the random people I talk to. I'll miss listening to my tutors. Tthe food at school. And I miss feeling so pretty darn cool for going to work and then rushing to school and rushing home and friends asking "why aren't you tired?" 
Oh man it's the first lesson today and this tutor (one of my favourites) always does this "self-introduction" thing! Then again, surprisingly, I don't feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack soon. YAY ME!! :D 
My lunch!! Double beef patty (yep i upgraded hahaha) on a already …

Gonna sleep at 9.30pm!

Hello. Shall we make this "Hello" greeting and same pose/same angle photo a mandatory prelude to every blog post? Oh well who am I asking anyway. Myself? Because I'll say yes to anything I ask myself. Haha. Okay I don't make sense.
It's only 9.30pm and I'm so tired! But it's a good kind of tired. Like some adrenaline rush thing. So busy at work today that I think I fell into the deeper of the deep REM sleep on the bus just now!  Bahhhh. The dreams are about to come, no doubt. But I like this kind of speed, somehow. And the feeling of self-satisfaction when I multi-task successfully. I don't have the energy to explain it now, hahaha.
Here's the aftermath of a busy day. Before & After HAHAHA. And I have a feeling my hair's never going to grow to it's original length again. Damn you, rough patch. You make me do the craziest things. Well, actually this is the only crazy thing I've ever done. Hahaha.
I think it's fun to talk to myself. …

A sure sign that I'm aging

Hello again! And I have absolutely no idea why I've been starting every blog post with "HELLO".

And I really need to start practicing taking photos at different angles.

You know what? This week, I realised that I am indeed getting older. I saw my neighbour (the one I'm always talking about) bringing the youngest kid out on his toy car. Besides the thing about him WAVING AT ME ENTHUSIASTICALLY (and clumsily) WHEN HE DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO TALK YET OMG *SQUEAL* , I did something my friends and I used to laugh at when we were younger.

You know how, during Chinese New Year, it always seemed like all adults could say was "WAH SO BIG ALREADY AH! You've grown taller!!"

And it was an involuntary reaction went I went:



Don't know why my neighbour's kids like me so much, since you know, I am the undisputed Queen of Sleeping Bitchface Syndrome. Hahaha.

Oh, and I've thinking about trimming my fringe. …

Should people be nice?

Hello I am a philosopher today. HAHA. You know, since a few years ago,I firmly believed that "nice" is a synonym for "pushover", and you're pretty much screwed for life.

Which is why don't allow bitchiness from myself, but I don't go all out to be nice either. But then I just read this lady's blog and then OMG I AM BORING YOU AREN'T I. 
Got this off Facebook. Funny thing is, as true as this is, you'll only believe in it after the storm has passed so... Hang in there! :)

Anyway, all you need to remember is that I am not a very nice person anymore so you can't bully me and it's almost impossible to detect my weaknesses and absolutely impossible to use my weaknesses against me lah. Hahaha. And I've since mastered The Art of Deflection, so when it comes to how much I want people to know about me, I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO PULLS THE STRINGS. The rest of you...Hi, my name is Shushu and I am afraid of giant flying cockroaches and that is my…


OMG so many things have happened this week, but as usual, I ain't gonna let myself be too happy about it because whenever I am, something bad happens. HA I KNOW HOW YOU WORK. But it's okay. I'll savour everything and treasure the memories. Lol. Until I wake up, maybe. I still think I may be in a coma or something in real life, and I'm in some medically induced dream now (mercifully administered because I was such a wreck) Sigh.

Speaking of dreams, all I dreamt about last night was that I had exams today, and I haven't even touched my books because the semester hasn't even started. The dream got me exhausted and in my semi-conscious state, I ended up hitting the "stop" instead of "snooze" button. But I somehow managed to wake up, just 20 minutes late. Thank goodness! Luck, please last longer :D

And I AM GOING TO BORE YOU WITH MY HAIR AGAIN. The HOLE is back arghhhh and only April understands what I mean because we always go "MY HAIR G…


And yes, I'm that annoying girl who drags the last word with a trillion letters. Doesn't deter you from dropping by though :P 
You know how I spent the first weekend of the New Year? In bed feeling sick and woooooooozy. But I keep thinking how lucky I am because, how horrible would it be if I got sick on the first Monday of the year? And then my bed's so soft and my bolster's so soft and cool too. I don't remember much of the weekend but I'm feeling oh-so-fine now!

And here's what I typed (more like attempted to) in my semi-conscious state.

But before that, here's something for fun, in case you hate wordy posts. I got this off Facebook and guess what I got? Love, Popularity, and Money! HA HA HA. Couldn't be further from reality. I searched for all the other words and these three are the most unrealistic ones. I mean, apart from 'beauty'. Hahaha.

Hello, I am typing this as I'm tearing (not crying, mind you) because I am sick. Way to ush…