The Folly of My Youth

Did you know, even if you take your old blog posts down like, eons ago...

Oh of course you do. We're all supposed to know that once something is posted online, there's no retracting it. I found some old photos from one of my very cringe-inducing blogs -.-. Don't know what came over me last time.

This are just some very roughly-anyhow-afewseconds version of how I WANTED to look. Not that it's not nice lah - there are people who are naturally thin like this and they are perfect the way they are. It's just that right now, it's how... unrealistic my expectations were that bugs me. And also the reasons behind wanting to be skinny -.-

And fortunately, back then, the Internet community wasn't as brutal as it is now. I think I got quite a few nice, concerned-filled comments from people I didn't know in real life. HAH. Those were the days.

Oh, and  look at the phone. That's how old these photos are.

Moral of the story? Don't upload photos - ever. Because what seems right to you now, may have you wanted to punch yourself 10 years down the road.

Nah I'm kidding. If we don't make mistakes, we're not learning, right?

Since you've made it till here.... here are some more photos I dug up *chortles*

Lol lol I was a such rebel. Hair almost touch the collar already still dare to take official photo.
This is me at the beach... with an umbrella. I think this was taken in... 2010 or maybe even 2009? I'm still using this umbrella! $13.90 well spent. Haha.
Taken at the Graffiti Café. 因为我们很喜欢冒险. Nah, patrons were actually encouraged to draw on the tables. I don't know why we had such a kick doing it. Hahaha.
In 2008 I wore clothes like this. And I was very proud of it. Everybody remembers how I went around announcing "EH STRAWBERRY LEH!!! GOT STRAWBERRY CLIP SOMEMORE." 有一点点不要脸 哈哈。And now, I will show this to people who keep saying 其实你应该染头发 leh. Not that I don't want lah! I spent am agonising 4 years growing these out okay.
2008. My first time cycling without guidance or somebody supporting the handlebars. I think a bit unglam but hey, it's a milestone! :P
Selfies are in fashion now. But look! I was one of the pioneers of The Selfie! And as usual lah got people try to spoil my photo. *red grumpy face* #thisiswhatfriendsarefor
Oh guess which one is me! The one who's waist deep in the water! See I so brave :D

Nothing very memorable about this photo. Except that this was taken in 2010, so it's been almost 5years that I have been having Green Tea+ Strawberry Ice-Cream almost every time I go Orchard. Okay do not think about the calories. DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE CALORIES.

Ahhhh 想当年。

My 21st Birthday!

 Disclaimer: The shirt was a gift from a friend. HAHAHA *SHY* Though in school I used to announce all the time that I am nice and shy and cute lah :X I don't know how people tahan me last time. Thank you ah.

我越想越觉得以前真的很不要脸。 哈哈哈。受不了自己!
I actually don't quite remember taking this picture. I mean, if I did it would have definitely been a profile pic because that period of time... satisfactory photos were difficult to come by?
This one lol lol. I know it looks horrible lah. But I was attempting to do some social experiment report thing. Then after that I bth and I took it down. I don't know why it's still online wtf. SO ugly.
I think if I wear this now, nobody will want to be seen with me. Haha. Again, look at the phone to see how old this photo is. :D

Okay that's all for now. Later I go to XXXX website dig out more photos.


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