Sometimes I want to stop reading the news

This week, I've lost count of how many children have died from child abuse. I don't know how some people have the hearts to do such horrible things to a fellow human being, or more specifically,   their own flesh and blood. I mean, what wrong can a toddler do. Try to get your attention? Try to be sweet so that you will love them more? Because they're 2 years old and they don't have anyone else? It's not like they can go out to look for friends.

AND THEN YOU HIT HIM WITH A FRYING PAN. Most people I know are terrified of not being good-enough parents. I say if you're scared, you have the makings of a good parent. But some parents seem to be hell-bent on being awful parents. Or in this case, homicidal ones. ARGHHHH and this must be happening so much, behind closed doors.

The rape culture in UVA the Rolling Stones published had me fuming as well.

What has become of humanity?  


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