Monday, November 24, 2014

MDS – Everything for the Working Girl's Wardrobe

Question of the day: How much time do you spend on Zalora on each visit?
HA I don't even dare to think about it because it's going to be a phenomenal number, and I could have probably spent the time on... revision instead of panicking the week before exams. Then again... who can resist? :P

Anyway.... Singapore's beloved home-grown brand, MDS is now available on Zalora!

Let me walk you through some of my favourites. Because it's 11.30pm on a Sunday, all I can think of are my outfits for the week... so here you go!

Bullets & Dim Dress – Perfect for days where you can't decide what to wear.
This is I love about dresses. Woke up late and don't know what to wear? Not in the mood to put an outfit together? Oh well, we all have off-days. Throw on a dress, match it with a pretty pair of shoes, and you're good to go! Nobody will ever guess.

Bare Back Lace Top – Laidback with some va-va-voom
Ahhh. The sweltering heat on this sunny little island getting to you? This is will make a perfect weekend outfit. If you're thinking of wearing this on a workday, remember to dress smart! Blazer, jacket (maybe a camisole underneath?)...and when the clock strikes 6, shrug it off and woohoo... time for Happy Hour with the girls!


Brighten up your day with the Posh Skirting Dress
We know, work can get just a little boring sometimes, but hey we all gotta eat (and buy more clothes :P). So why don't you buy a little something to reward yourself for all your hard work? It's fully justifiable too, because bright colours are known to be mood lifters!


More of a skirt person? No problem! The Bandage Skirt hugs your curves in all the right places, and it's not too short for work as well.

Rapunzel's Pleated A-Line Skirt
Then again, that might be too tight for comfort (whether in your own eyes or to the people you work with – because ya know, the office is like a catwalk). This pretty midi skirt will save you from the abyss of self-consciousness.


Volcanic Plates Dress – Your Classic LBD with a touch of fun
What would we do without our Little Black Dresses? This one comes with a pop of colour at the back. Classy and
fun, how about that?

Of course, MDS Collections isn't only limited to office apparel, they're lotsssss more, check out the Zalora-MDS site for more pretty clothes!

*photos courtesy of ZALORA SG