Being Taken For a Ride

Is really no fun at all. Being taken for MANY rides is even worse.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot these days and...

Honestly, my worst fear isn't cats, bugs, or disgusting food. My worst fear is growing older to be jaded and having nothing to live for (except to fulfil basic physiological needs like food and hydration). And not being able to get out of that rut. Or worse, not being able to summon the drive/determination to get out of it. 

Because like I mentioned, that is just very sad. We're all here for a reason, be it a tiny or major contribution to the world (mine confirm tiny lol but I will make do). Life is short and as I'm able to type this - you know that I, likewise with most people around me, have the resources to go further, to pursue my dreams. And if we don't thank our lucky stars then we should read more rags-to-success stories and reflect on our the sheer audacity of our ungratefulness.

I am so afraid that one day I'll just get tired, jaded and just stop trying. I've seen people like this, and everyday, even the POSSIBILITY of turning out like this TERRIFIES me. 

What if I live the rest of my life with no meaning, shrouded in negativity and bitterness, just waiting for my time to be up?

Song of the Day. And not just today because you know how girls in club hear a song and they're like "OMG THAT'S MY SONG. MY SONG!!!"  This is how I'm like when I'm having difficulty with schoolwork or a write-up. Haha.

(I actually don't know if girls really do that - this is what I learnt from "10 Types of Clubbers" YouTube Video. Lol. 我很not happening 的).



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