My colleague's wedding!

I went to a colleague's wedding yesterday and it was so beautiful! And so was she hahaha. But have realised that going around telling people that they are so pretty is not very socially acceptable (lol lol why do I even have friends), so I said it just once hahaha.

Omg I also want to look like princess. But should be a bit difficult ah coz the foundation (not powder. Think building foundation)  is abit... Not there. so I think maybe a bit difficult ah but nvm lah.

This is what I wore! Forgot to take a picture at the uber grand venue but oh well. None of my "OMG LET'S TAKE PHOTOS FOR MEMORIES SAKE" kakis were around, and I think other people don't have the same ideals of the importance of recording happy memories  like my friends and I do haha. 

Apparently it was too short (again lol) haha. But 1/2 the girls there were dressed similarly and some were even shorter and tighter (and yes they looked good)
Actually I don't think I look half-bad in this dress lol. Except that there was a bit of excess cloth in the lining. Which was why I splurged a bit ($40 for a dress is quite a lot to me okay). 

And there were cupcakesssss! 


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