I will get through this! I think it's just a transition thing, and if everything is just fine and dandy, all the way, it means that I haven't grown, right? *flex arm emoticon*

And it's everything I ever wanted to do! I was so estatic when I finally got the chance to chase my dreams - like WOW THINGS ARE FINALLY FALLING INTO PLACE. (And then I won't do rash things anymore - like chop 1/2 of my hair off lol)

Just need to try a little more everyday, and soon everything will add up and pay off!! 

Things ALWAYS work out for me eventually even though (I think) it takes more time (and maybe effort) then the average person but it's ok because I look back at all my milestones and achievements and I think the efforts are worth it! 

And sigh. How come the things that go viral are things that I have done before. And also somewhat the same standard but nothing ever comes out of mine :/

It's just like how many fanfics are better written than the multi-million revenue books. Maybe a little of it's got to to with luck and time? 

Also, here's another reminder not to let people demoralise me. Sometimes people don't realise that they are doing it, so it's really up to myself to not let them get to me. 



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