Hi Again!

am so tired! From what? From choosing 9 pieces of clothing items I won in a contest :P won a hamper and that was one of the prizes, yay! :D

This evening, I managed to get my favourite seat on the bus even when I was like, the 15th person to board! I really like that seat because it's so... Away from the crowd. Which means no farts/burps/scratching/sweet-sucking and all the noises which make claw my way out of the window and jump out of a moving vehicle RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EXPRESSWAY. It is horrible to be allergic to noise, okay. Especially never-ending ones. Sometimes I feel awful for being so gor tak, but I really don't get the Suck Sweet Vigourously And Make The Loud Smacking Noise Thing lah. Does it enhance the eating experience or what?

I am going to write a food review now because I enjoy it and I happen to have inspiration now! Tata! 

Today I received photos from the pro photographer and I think WAH ok *find a corner to hide*. Like, why does my broccoli look like a giant caterpillar? And what state of mind was I in to take a pic of the mussel's back view? Hahaha. 

And this is what happens when you tell your friend "help me take photo ok? Just keep clicking ah thanks! Hopefully there'll be a good one out of 50 photos. "

So I learnt that my "oops" face looks like this. Mental note to self: never be caught by surprise coz this is another Double Chin Fiasco lol lol. 

Food of the day:

I don't know why but I'm now on the scallop/crabmeat/lobster craze. And I tried to take the kind of photos where people lift the spaghetti up and you can see the vapour and poof! My Scallop Laksa Pasta magically became Vegetarian Mee Goreng!

Dessert! My ultimate weakness haha.

Okay here are some of the standard selfies to show my friendly side. I'm sorry I have Sleeping Bitchface Syndrome haha. But you see lah. My nose and double chin are significantly larger when I smile *shudders*. AND I have big-small eyes.

And my photos always look the same. I need to be more creative. ahh

Don't know what I was doing with my hands but I like my smile here haha. Anyway, these are what I call "warming up pics". It's when you ask your friend to take a few test shots to try out the lighting and angles. And then you just give some random smile. Okay I don't know why I'm explaining this.


Reason: Refer to Blog Name.

Very... artistic ah. Haha. Hey, you never know okay.

This one also artistic ah. I do wish it was in focus though. Looks like it could have turned out satisfactory. Haha.


 You know, it's not that I've never tried. But fun fact: I think I don't even have ONE proper jump shot.
And of course, there's gonnna be photos like this:


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