Hello again!

Second post today, and the trillionth emo post this month. Are you starting to think that I am a very emo-nemo person? I hope not - and you really should make the effort to read from further back :P

These days, I have a new task at work and I am feeling immensely slow and stupid. Sometimes I think of how dumb I am and I cannot sleep -.-  Like, besides potentially being able to hold the world record for a ginormous nose, I can also put my name up for being the slowest/most stupid person in the world.

There are times where I feel half-inclined to go for a brain scan to see if there's like, a dam or something blocking my brain waves.

I know it's a part of the process of learning and growing but I am positive nobody's as slow-witted as me @@.

I hope it's just a transition thing. I like the feeling of being good at what I do (oh surprise, surprise, I have actually felt that way before). Then again, it's the waiting. And waiting. You have no idea how much I have eliminated all unnecessary things/aspects/happenings in my life that require WAITING - but there's always going to be something in life I need to wait for, eh?

Sometimes I wish there's a weighing scale to ascertain how much people are trying. Then I can compare myself with all the other humans in the world. Cuz maybe I THINK I'm trying, but actually I'm not trying as hard as the average person.


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