Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Ah life. This wasn't what I expected, really it wasn't. I thought I was one step closer to my dream but now it seems like... Ok I am still going towards my dream but... How do I put it? I feel like moving forward, but there's a huge gust of wind I need to walk against. And it's so strong that it's slowing me down and I can't control it! T.T 

I know it could be worse, and also I wasn't expecting everything to be smooth but... Sigh. Do you know how it feels when you're so happy about something and then it's taken away? 

This has become such a depressing blog. It wasn't always like this! And my friend just texted me to ask if I was imma collect my graduation gown. Double T.T last round I missed my exams and had to wait for a year. Or I'd be a degree holder by now.

They always say people who know where they want to be in life are lucky. All we need to do is to work towards it. But don't you think, sometimes it's gotta do with luck? 

Sometimes I feel like an ungrateful prick. Like, enough nice things have happened to be and I'm still not content? Sigh. Please, I'm trying the best I can - please let these few months go on without major glitches. I can do this! It's just one of the thousand hurdles I have to conquer to become a better person! 

I'm 4 years past official adulthood an I haven't had any major achievements yet. And then I have a passion but it hasn't taken off. Sigh. 

Also, I wish I had a nicer smile. 

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