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Hi Again!

I am so tired! From what? From choosing 9 pieces of clothing items I won in a contest :P won a hamper and that was one of the prizes, yay! :D

This evening, I managed to get my favourite seat on the bus even when I was like, the 15th person to board! I really like that seat because it's so... Away from the crowd. Which means no farts/burps/scratching/sweet-sucking and all the noises which make claw my way out of the window and jump out of a moving vehicle RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EXPRESSWAY. It is horrible to be allergic to noise, okay. Especially never-ending ones. Sometimes I feel awful for being so gor tak, but I really don't get the Suck Sweet Vigourously And Make The Loud Smacking Noise Thing lah. Does it enhance the eating experience or what?
I am going to write a food review now because I enjoy it and I happen to have inspiration now! Tata! 
Today I received photos from the pro photographer and I think WAH ok *find a corner to hide*. Like, why does my broccoli look li…


I will get through this! I think it's just a transition thing, and if everything is just fine and dandy, all the way, it means that I haven't grown, right? *flex arm emoticon*
And it's everything I ever wanted to do! I was so estatic when I finally got the chance to chase my dreams - like WOW THINGS ARE FINALLY FALLING INTO PLACE. (And then I won't do rash things anymore - like chop 1/2 of my hair off lol)
Just need to try a little more everyday, and soon everything will add up and pay off!! 
Things ALWAYS work out for me eventually even though (I think) it takes more time (and maybe effort) then the average person but it's ok because I look back at all my milestones and achievements and I think the efforts are worth it! 
And sigh. How come the things that go viral are things that I have done before. And also somewhat the same standard but nothing ever comes out of mine :/
It's just like how many fanfics are better written than the multi-million revenue books. Maybe…

Exercising in Dreamland

It's so funny, I just woke up from a Dreamland Aerobics Workout. A few days ago I dreamt about doing squats. If only those efforts paid off in real life. That would be wonderful. 
And aerobics is actually pretty fun, as soon as you and your ultra uncoordinated self gets over being soooooo self-conscious!
Bleah I am late for a meet-up, for the first time in my life, I would think. I don't know how some people manage to be perpetually late, because being late is such a horrible feeling! 
And the million-dollar question - why am I  late? (million dollar because I am almost never late).
I was trying to upgrade my iOS and ran into some problems. I mean, I gotta have 6GB available!?!? That was was near impossible. But I really had to do it because *blush* I am still on ios 5.

K reached my stop BRB

Hello again!

Second post today, and the trillionth emo post this month. Are you starting to think that I am a very emo-nemo person? I hope not - and you really should make the effort to read from further back :P

These days, I have a new task at work and I am feeling immensely slow and stupid. Sometimes I think of how dumb I am and I cannot sleep -.-  Like, besides potentially being able to hold the world record for a ginormous nose, I can also put my name up for being the slowest/most stupid person in the world.

There are times where I feel half-inclined to go for a brain scan to see if there's like, a dam or something blocking my brain waves.

I know it's a part of the process of learning and growing but I am positive nobody's as slow-witted as me @@.

I hope it's just a transition thing. I like the feeling of being good at what I do (oh surprise, surprise, I have actually felt that way before). Then again, it's the waiting. And waiting. You have no idea how much I have eli…


Ah life. This wasn't what I expected, really it wasn't. I thought I was one step closer to my dream but now it seems like... Ok I am still going towards my dream but... How do I put it? I feel like moving forward, but there's a huge gust of wind I need to walk against. And it's so strong that it's slowing me down and I can't control it! T.T 
I know it could be worse, and also I wasn't expecting everything to be smooth but... Sigh. Do you know how it feels when you're so happy about something and then it's taken away? 
This has become such a depressing blog. It wasn't always like this! And my friend just texted me to ask if I was imma collect my graduation gown. Double T.T last round I missed my exams and had to wait for a year. Or I'd be a degree holder by now.
They always say people who know where they want to be in life are lucky. All we need to do is to work towards it. But don't you think, sometimes it's gotta do with luck? 

My colleague's wedding!

I went to a colleague's wedding yesterday and it was so beautiful! And so was she hahaha. But have realised that going around telling people that they are so pretty is not very socially acceptable (lol lol why do I even have friends), so I said it just once hahaha.
Omg I also want to look like princess. But should be a bit difficult ah coz the foundation (not powder. Think building foundation)  is abit... Not there. so I think maybe a bit difficult ah but nvm lah.
This is what I wore! Forgot to take a picture at the uber grand venue but oh well. None of my "OMG LET'S TAKE PHOTOS FOR MEMORIES SAKE" kakis were around, and I think other people don't have the same ideals of the importance of recording happy memories  like my friends and I do haha. 
Apparently it was too short (again lol) haha. But 1/2 the girls there were dressed similarly and some were even shorter and tighter (and yes they looked good) Actually I don't think I look half-bad in this dress lol. E…