This New Discovery Will Shock You

I think Wheel of Fortune is a fascinating TV programme. Yup. Hope that Blew Your Mind.

Another shocking fact? Nobody clicks on clickbait titles anymore. They get old after a while. Like  "you'll never guess what happens next". Coz really, what ALWAYS happens next is that I always scroll past that clickbait post. 
Then again, maybe it was all a plot. They want super PHENOMENAL SEO for an even bigger project that is genuinely MIND-BLOWING that will CHANGE OUR LIVES forever. 

Also, Ellen Season 12 is here!!! :D Good timing, I now have something new to relax to and laugh about! 

Jumbled thoughtsI don't if I made the right decision (last weekend). Either way, I'd still be questioning myself so I'm not sure if I should be mulling over it. I mean, I decided not to go ahead with it, so my mind is now full of "what ifs". But if I went ahead with it, there's a chance that I'd be all "I should have", or "I wish I hadn't". Uncertainty is a dirty word.

My gut feeling is pretty spot-on most of the time, but sometimes paranoia gets in the way of an accurate reading. 

And also because I saw something on Crimewatch which (partially) confirmed my suspicions lah. I mean, that very day I was stuck at crossroads? I honestly thought it was a sign lol lol. But now I'm thinking if I should have taken the risk. Then again if I consider the worst-case scenario... really not pretty. Bleah all scammers/thiefs/dangerous people should all live on a separate planet. Somebody should invent a super catapult to send them to another planet.


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