Speaking of Harry Potter...

In my previous post, I ranted about Voldemort, and how I always had missed encounters with the series. Either no discount, or out of stock, or available stock was on the other end of the country (which actually isn't that far but live here long enough and a 30-minute train ride is a road trip, haha).

You know what they say about 等是值得的。 Look what I found:

And at 20% + 20% discount! :D

I can do a dissertation on how much I loathe Voldemort now hahaha. 

Oh, FYI, I am very protective about my books. Being a bit of a prick but when people want to borrow my books, I'd be all incredulous lol like YOU ACTUALLY DARE TO ASK!?!?!?!

Hahaha. Same goes for my DVDs. I think I can make a living selling fish.


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