Not Meant To Be

Sigh. I know I said I'm going to make this a very cheerful and likeable blog but...

A few days ago, a blazer in an online shop caught my eye. I was feeling a little under the weather so I thought "ok I'll go and sleep - get this in a few days". It was in the sale section so it cost $15! And as luck would have it, when I finally dragged myself to my computer.... taaaa daaaa. $28.

And another $10 dress from another blogshop just disappeared too. Bleah. Then again, no great loss. I think I only 'liked' that one because of the price. Hahaha #cheapskate much.


Oh, did I ever mention this? These days, I'm very into flowery dresses and bling accessories. Haha.

And I was at F21 and Bershka last week and saw soooo many accessories I liked! One of them I fancied so much (oh hey I can put a micro SD card inside! I can be the Girl With The Necklace of Secrets!) I even got as far as going queuing up to pay for it. And then at the last minute I walked away and put it back where it belonged originally. Because 八块也是钱.


I know this is a  First World Problem and I feel awful about complaining.

Anyway, I made my very first trip of the year to the doctor's, and later when I went to the grocery store to stock up on antibacterial wipes (I'm such a Sheldon Cooper lol), I came across a lucky draw form. A PICTURE OF MY DREAM CAMERA WAS STARING RIGHT AT ME.

Of course I bought whatever was required for the lucky draw. I hope I win! There's no way I can buy a new camera otherwise. PLEASEEEEE.
Anyway, come to think of it, maybe the blazer really wasn't meant to be. I hardly ever find a blazer that's of a good fit even in physical stores - maybe the $13 increase was put in place for a reason.


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