I Hate Being Ugly Part 2

I was just looking through my wardrobe, and as much as I can't squeeze in any more new items, I realise that I actually don't have anything suitable for expensive weddings. I think I am quite pathetic lol lol.  I don't usually visit expensive places, and most of my close friends intend to have small and intimate weddings, so it's never crossed my mind to get a nice dress.

Also, it's difficult for me to find nice dresses because well...
And now I need one. T.T.

And everybody knows that when use emoticons outside the confines of :) and :D, I am actually quite upset.

Maybe I'll just wear a simple dress and a black jacket lol lol. But the whole world will ask me why I'm wearing a jacket. I don't get it - nobody at school ever did when I insisted on wearing a jacket during presentation (simply because it gives me a sense of security, actually- I wish I could tell you something Hollywood movie-ish like I'm actually an andriod sent from Jupiter. Or one of those aliens from MIB who is hiding in what looks like a human body.).

I suddenly remember a cute white & black jacket I saw somewhere. Then again, my luck doesn't do so well with mixed colours.

And one of my Instagram friends from the UAE wore a very nice long dress for her prom! AHHHHHH.

 One a separate note, my phone showed some signs of dying yesterday. Please, last longer.

I had a very interesting weekend and was thinking about doing a monologue but then I got too busy/lazy and now I think POOF. AHHHHHHHH.

Also, after my exam, I am going to work on reviving my old blog. Like I always say, when shit happens, make fertiliser.

I was going to explain my rationale behind this and then I decided to delete it. Hahaha.


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