Hello! :)

I will be very busy this week! With a bigger percentage going towards doing things I like, YAY. I hope they go well! Optimism always does me good. Like the colleague who sits in front of me always says, "You must think that you can do it, then you can!". That lady is my role model hahaha. I hope to be just like her when I'm middle-aged! So happy, optimistic and she always manages to find exciting stuff to do!

Exciting in my opinion lah. Hahaha. Not like clubbing or what lol.

And this is my me at my most upbeat mood since Friday. Friday night was horrible. I had no appetite at all, and I typed lots of emo-nemo stuff here that I only left in my drafts. You know what I always say about thinking of happy stuff when you're unhappy? I was going to blog about my super-duper happy MBS Staycation, then I decided to sleep the emo-ness off. So I slept at like, 9pm. Hahaha. Thank goodness I did, because I really did feel better the next day!
Anyway, here are some photos of my awesome MBS mini-getaway, I have yet to do a proper post about this.

While waiting for Po to arrive, we did what we gotta do. HAHA.
The view from our balcony! We could have gotten a suite but that'd be on the second floor. I think this is much more worth it, isn't it! :D

First swim.

 Trying to climb up coz I didn't want to pull a muscle heaving myself up. Very unglam but I like. haha.

Our room! :D

Cheri took a pic of me looking  out into the horizon. Haha. Okay just looking outside.

 And then I Whatsapped Flora and April and they said I looked like I wasn't wearing shorts. So here's the proof! You all don't anyhow think ahhahhh *red face emoticon*

Oh, because some people used to believe that the Earth is flat. So here you go, I am at the edge of the Earth. Cool hor!

Here's a pic that captured our real laughter. There are more , but next time okay? :)
And also the translucent shirt... it's not because I wanna hiao hiao and wear translucent shirt lah. Quite the Contrary actually. It's because I refused to wear bikini. Lol.


I wonder if anyone still reads my blog. People used to read it when I was in school, and then I lost interest in blogging and well....  Anyway, I was in such a daze last Friday that I'm kind of curious what I typed! Okay, I'll go have a look. I may post some here. Haha.
Okay I think I didn't save the emo-nemo posts. Just as well. The bottom line? I have never been so thankful for the weekend. I swear, when Saturday morning arrived, I felt like I reached the peak of a rock-climbing thing hahaha. CHAMPION!

Anyway, I don't have any new updates, but here's a new video. You know how, since 2 years ago, I've been on this "Oh I need to work on my public speaking skills" off-and-on phases? Well, the ON phase is here again because. Ok just because. And here it is. I dunno why, but I feel that talking to/in front of people is so much easier than being in front of a camera. So if you think I suck, please know that you cannot gauge/judge as accurately as you think you can lah okay. Hahaha.

Also, it's the Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow and it just dawned on me that I haven't had any Snowskin Mooncakes this year! And I also miss the times my neighbours' kids and I will go downstairs to play with candles and lanterns. Nobody does that anymore. Those were the days!


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