Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Ahhhh 今天了解了一件事。真的真的真的,毫无 一线生机doubt 的彻底了解!Ahhh 受不了。钱真的是很重要。为什么这么有限! 😡
从今天起,我要省省省 - 比平常省的更厉害!就可以早一点安心,不怕缺钱养老。哎。。。 很不得快点中重马票 - 不, 大采头奖!这样就能松了一口气。很多口起,非常多口起。 数不清的口气!!!!!

我并不是那种一有windfall 而放弃梦想或人生目标的人。(是叫自暴自弃吗?)只是有时想,啊。 不知道啦。

不知如何,这几天的胃口超差。好像什么都吞不下出似的。为什么会这样的! 😭😭😭 也没心情说说笑笑!So exhausting to have to put up a facade. 晚上难入睡,睡了会不时醒来。睡时翻来覆去,根本都无法真正的休息。刚刚开冰橱看到最喜欢的冰淇淋都没心情拿下来吃!

我什么时候变得那么不开心得! 刚满20岁之前,我很少不开心或心情不好。朋友都问我"为什么你好像没有烦恼的?""教我怎么像你那么看的开leh!" Ahhhhh。


要记得,there are always peaks and valleys! 生活上(匆匆?)会经过高峰低潮,这些挑战对character building 好吧。

可是这次,I can't put my finger on why I'm feeling so moody/lousy/out of sorts! 😭😭 

Omg I don't think I've ever whined so much, ever. Please excuse me. I really don't know what's wrong with me this week! I'd actually be quite relieved if it's actually a bug that I'm catching or something. At least that can account for this strange phenomenon. 

Happier days:

I want to go for another short getaway, away from the real world. 

Imagine a cake in this shape! 😍😍

And Hello Kitty chocolates! 

I'm fully convinced that I'd be a top-rate sportswoman by now if these existed when I was a kid :D 

I miss the Mid-Autumn Festivals I spent as a kid. I miss being a kid.

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