Monday, September 29, 2014

5 Random Thoughts

1. I really want a xylophone. And not the out of tune $6 type that I stupidly bought. A nice one costs $124 arghhh. And I saw a $17.90 one at Sanrio but not sure if I want to take the risk haha. 

2. Oh gawd City Hunter is the coolest person on Earth. Besides Ellen DeGeneres, that is. 

3. I don't know if I can really do this. Sighhh.

4. I'm hoping for a miracle. Well I've been hoping for about 10 years so now, I call it "wishing". 

5. There are some days I want to forget all about money, materials, all the stupid shallow things, and run away and never come back. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Not Meant To Be

Sigh. I know I said I'm going to make this a very cheerful and likeable blog but...

A few days ago, a blazer in an online shop caught my eye. I was feeling a little under the weather so I thought "ok I'll go and sleep - get this in a few days". It was in the sale section so it cost $15! And as luck would have it, when I finally dragged myself to my computer.... taaaa daaaa. $28.

And another $10 dress from another blogshop just disappeared too. Bleah. Then again, no great loss. I think I only 'liked' that one because of the price. Hahaha #cheapskate much.


Oh, did I ever mention this? These days, I'm very into flowery dresses and bling accessories. Haha.

And I was at F21 and Bershka last week and saw soooo many accessories I liked! One of them I fancied so much (oh hey I can put a micro SD card inside! I can be the Girl With The Necklace of Secrets!) I even got as far as going queuing up to pay for it. And then at the last minute I walked away and put it back where it belonged originally. Because 八块也是钱.


I know this is a  First World Problem and I feel awful about complaining.

Anyway, I made my very first trip of the year to the doctor's, and later when I went to the grocery store to stock up on antibacterial wipes (I'm such a Sheldon Cooper lol), I came across a lucky draw form. A PICTURE OF MY DREAM CAMERA WAS STARING RIGHT AT ME.

Of course I bought whatever was required for the lucky draw. I hope I win! There's no way I can buy a new camera otherwise. PLEASEEEEE.
Anyway, come to think of it, maybe the blazer really wasn't meant to be. I hardly ever find a blazer that's of a good fit even in physical stores - maybe the $13 increase was put in place for a reason.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Hate Being Ugly Part 2

I was just looking through my wardrobe, and as much as I can't squeeze in any more new items, I realise that I actually don't have anything suitable for expensive weddings. I think I am quite pathetic lol lol.  I don't usually visit expensive places, and most of my close friends intend to have small and intimate weddings, so it's never crossed my mind to get a nice dress.

Also, it's difficult for me to find nice dresses because well...
And now I need one. T.T.

And everybody knows that when use emoticons outside the confines of :) and :D, I am actually quite upset.

Maybe I'll just wear a simple dress and a black jacket lol lol. But the whole world will ask me why I'm wearing a jacket. I don't get it - nobody at school ever did when I insisted on wearing a jacket during presentation (simply because it gives me a sense of security, actually- I wish I could tell you something Hollywood movie-ish like I'm actually an andriod sent from Jupiter. Or one of those aliens from MIB who is hiding in what looks like a human body.).

I suddenly remember a cute white & black jacket I saw somewhere. Then again, my luck doesn't do so well with mixed colours.

And one of my Instagram friends from the UAE wore a very nice long dress for her prom! AHHHHHH.

 One a separate note, my phone showed some signs of dying yesterday. Please, last longer.

I had a very interesting weekend and was thinking about doing a monologue but then I got too busy/lazy and now I think POOF. AHHHHHHHH.

Also, after my exam, I am going to work on reviving my old blog. Like I always say, when shit happens, make fertiliser.

I was going to explain my rationale behind this and then I decided to delete it. Hahaha.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Speaking of Harry Potter...

In my previous post, I ranted about Voldemort, and how I always had missed encounters with the series. Either no discount, or out of stock, or available stock was on the other end of the country (which actually isn't that far but live here long enough and a 30-minute train ride is a road trip, haha).

You know what they say about 等是值得的。 Look what I found:

And at 20% + 20% discount! :D

I can do a dissertation on how much I loathe Voldemort now hahaha. 

Oh, FYI, I am very protective about my books. Being a bit of a prick but when people want to borrow my books, I'd be all incredulous lol like YOU ACTUALLY DARE TO ASK!?!?!?!

Hahaha. Same goes for my DVDs. I think I can make a living selling fish.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This New Discovery Will Shock You

I think Wheel of Fortune is a fascinating TV programme. Yup. Hope that Blew Your Mind.

Another shocking fact? Nobody clicks on clickbait titles anymore. They get old after a while. Like  "you'll never guess what happens next". Coz really, what ALWAYS happens next is that I always scroll past that clickbait post. 
Then again, maybe it was all a plot. They want super PHENOMENAL SEO for an even bigger project that is genuinely MIND-BLOWING that will CHANGE OUR LIVES forever. 

Also, Ellen Season 12 is here!!! :D Good timing, I now have something new to relax to and laugh about! 

Jumbled thoughtsI don't if I made the right decision (last weekend). Either way, I'd still be questioning myself so I'm not sure if I should be mulling over it. I mean, I decided not to go ahead with it, so my mind is now full of "what ifs". But if I went ahead with it, there's a chance that I'd be all "I should have", or "I wish I hadn't". Uncertainty is a dirty word.

My gut feeling is pretty spot-on most of the time, but sometimes paranoia gets in the way of an accurate reading. 

And also because I saw something on Crimewatch which (partially) confirmed my suspicions lah. I mean, that very day I was stuck at crossroads? I honestly thought it was a sign lol lol. But now I'm thinking if I should have taken the risk. Then again if I consider the worst-case scenario... really not pretty. Bleah all scammers/thiefs/dangerous people should all live on a separate planet. Somebody should invent a super catapult to send them to another planet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Ahhhh 今天了解了一件事。真的真的真的,毫无 一线生机doubt 的彻底了解!Ahhh 受不了。钱真的是很重要。为什么这么有限! 😡
从今天起,我要省省省 - 比平常省的更厉害!就可以早一点安心,不怕缺钱养老。哎。。。 很不得快点中重马票 - 不, 大采头奖!这样就能松了一口气。很多口起,非常多口起。 数不清的口气!!!!!

我并不是那种一有windfall 而放弃梦想或人生目标的人。(是叫自暴自弃吗?)只是有时想,啊。 不知道啦。

不知如何,这几天的胃口超差。好像什么都吞不下出似的。为什么会这样的! 😭😭😭 也没心情说说笑笑!So exhausting to have to put up a facade. 晚上难入睡,睡了会不时醒来。睡时翻来覆去,根本都无法真正的休息。刚刚开冰橱看到最喜欢的冰淇淋都没心情拿下来吃!

我什么时候变得那么不开心得! 刚满20岁之前,我很少不开心或心情不好。朋友都问我"为什么你好像没有烦恼的?""教我怎么像你那么看的开leh!" Ahhhhh。


要记得,there are always peaks and valleys! 生活上(匆匆?)会经过高峰低潮,这些挑战对character building 好吧。

可是这次,I can't put my finger on why I'm feeling so moody/lousy/out of sorts! 😭😭 

Omg I don't think I've ever whined so much, ever. Please excuse me. I really don't know what's wrong with me this week! I'd actually be quite relieved if it's actually a bug that I'm catching or something. At least that can account for this strange phenomenon. 

Happier days:

I want to go for another short getaway, away from the real world. 

Imagine a cake in this shape! 😍😍

And Hello Kitty chocolates! 

I'm fully convinced that I'd be a top-rate sportswoman by now if these existed when I was a kid :D 

I miss the Mid-Autumn Festivals I spent as a kid. I miss being a kid.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hello! :)

I will be very busy this week! With a bigger percentage going towards doing things I like, YAY. I hope they go well! Optimism always does me good. Like the colleague who sits in front of me always says, "You must think that you can do it, then you can!". That lady is my role model hahaha. I hope to be just like her when I'm middle-aged! So happy, optimistic and she always manages to find exciting stuff to do!

Exciting in my opinion lah. Hahaha. Not like clubbing or what lol.

And this is my me at my most upbeat mood since Friday. Friday night was horrible. I had no appetite at all, and I typed lots of emo-nemo stuff here that I only left in my drafts. You know what I always say about thinking of happy stuff when you're unhappy? I was going to blog about my super-duper happy MBS Staycation, then I decided to sleep the emo-ness off. So I slept at like, 9pm. Hahaha. Thank goodness I did, because I really did feel better the next day!
Anyway, here are some photos of my awesome MBS mini-getaway, I have yet to do a proper post about this.

While waiting for Po to arrive, we did what we gotta do. HAHA.
The view from our balcony! We could have gotten a suite but that'd be on the second floor. I think this is much more worth it, isn't it! :D

First swim.

 Trying to climb up coz I didn't want to pull a muscle heaving myself up. Very unglam but I like. haha.

Our room! :D

Cheri took a pic of me looking  out into the horizon. Haha. Okay just looking outside.

 And then I Whatsapped Flora and April and they said I looked like I wasn't wearing shorts. So here's the proof! You all don't anyhow think ahhahhh *red face emoticon*

Oh, because some people used to believe that the Earth is flat. So here you go, I am at the edge of the Earth. Cool hor!

Here's a pic that captured our real laughter. There are more , but next time okay? :)
And also the translucent shirt... it's not because I wanna hiao hiao and wear translucent shirt lah. Quite the Contrary actually. It's because I refused to wear bikini. Lol.


I wonder if anyone still reads my blog. People used to read it when I was in school, and then I lost interest in blogging and well....  Anyway, I was in such a daze last Friday that I'm kind of curious what I typed! Okay, I'll go have a look. I may post some here. Haha.
Okay I think I didn't save the emo-nemo posts. Just as well. The bottom line? I have never been so thankful for the weekend. I swear, when Saturday morning arrived, I felt like I reached the peak of a rock-climbing thing hahaha. CHAMPION!

Anyway, I don't have any new updates, but here's a new video. You know how, since 2 years ago, I've been on this "Oh I need to work on my public speaking skills" off-and-on phases? Well, the ON phase is here again because. Ok just because. And here it is. I dunno why, but I feel that talking to/in front of people is so much easier than being in front of a camera. So if you think I suck, please know that you cannot gauge/judge as accurately as you think you can lah okay. Hahaha.

Also, it's the Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow and it just dawned on me that I haven't had any Snowskin Mooncakes this year! And I also miss the times my neighbours' kids and I will go downstairs to play with candles and lanterns. Nobody does that anymore. Those were the days!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Life Online

You know, I've come to realise that I've posted so much about my life online that when I want to show somebody something, all I need to do is type *my name* + *something* into the search engine and the picture WILL show up.

I dread the day somebody finds something embarrassing like "5566 ashiteru!" or F4 <3 -="" .="" again="" ages="" ago="" all="" been="" blog="" br="" buried="" down="" evidence="" forever="" hahaha.="" hard="" has="" hopefully="" i="" nbsp="" oh="" that="" then="" took="" youth.="">
One thing I do know, if you type "Biggest Nose in the World", I'm right at the top. First pic of Google.SG too. Thank you, it's an absolute honour.

Complaining is a powerful SEO tool lol.