Ugh, those dratted dreams again

You know, I think I actually had something witty to say. And then the wit flew away while waiting for my computer to start up. So too bad.

Ugh the dreams. They're here again. And it's fortunate that I don't usually remember my dreams - because in this case, the dreams are related to what I'm worrying about ATM. And very strange ones at that. Put my issues at hand in the Alice in The Wonderland Generator - and there you have it. My dreams. Very irrational ones. And you'd think I'd realise that oh, hey, this is a dream WAKEY WAKEYYYYYY. But nope, I never learn. Hahaha.

I'd tell you about some of my dreams, but I don't usually remember them. Unless I try really, really hard immediately after waking up. Except for the one I kept trying to take a picture of a piece of paper (not irrational this time - those were important notes). And somehow my camera either wouldn't work, or the focus was soooooo off?

And there were a few others I remember I felt were interesting. But you see, I've realised that, in my half asleep state, just about ANYTHING is interesting. I used to drag myself up with semi-shut eyes to type down my dreams because "they're amazingly EPIC dreams - I could probably write a book and get rich!".

(early morning insert: like just now I dreamt of somebody I know and something about real and fake human waste and mee hoon and photos? But I am too tired to try to recall the dream even though I know if I try hard enough, I will). Anyway, memeory's getting blurrier and blurrier by the minute. Hahaha.

I'm sorry to disappoint you by saying that... My dreams (if what I typed even made sense), are amazingly NON-EPIC. And I actually don't like using the word EPIC btw.

I was going to say something about Borat. But I can't, for the world remember how it'll fit here. I'll save it for the next (sarcastic) NOOOOOOOT joke.

But for now, I'm going to use the next hour to minimise the probability of Dreaming About What I Don't Want To Dream About.


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