Creeper Nightmare :(

Didn't hit the snooze button twice today!  Not because of my newly acquired self-control, unfortunately.

Ugh. Had the most awful dream about somebody who has basically creeped me out my whole life (okay, exaggeration on my part - but true in a way) getting back into my life. Well, technically he's still in my life - but at a comfortable distance, thank goodness.

And that dream nightmare. Why, I don't remember feeling this horrible even after dreams about being on 5-storey speeding escalators without handrails! Or running away from murderers and realising that the whole path's actually a treadmill.

Ahhhhh I know it was just a dream but I feel so awful now. :( 

I hardly ever remember my dreams. And if I do, they usually fade in a while. Why not this time?

RAWRRRR. Time to develop a contingency plan. Life (4th time using this word in this post) is all about staying a few steps ahead.


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