The Day I Cleaned My Life Up

All 8GB (thereabouts) of it!

And I still have a little over 3000 photos to go. Sigh.

And don't get me wrong. When I say my phone is my life, it doesn't mean I'm one of those who are stuck to their phones 24/7. It's just that I am a serial... logger. A Serial Logger (in my book) means I find just about anything worthy of recording. Like a quote, a meme, a nice cloud, a wilted flower - you get the point.

And I always get this OUT OF MEMORY SPACE notification - especially when a GENUINELY IMPORTANT situation calls for me to take photos/videos.

This thought just flashed across my mind - if I had to take a video of an accident/crime someday and got this OUT OF MEMORY SPACE and the criminal goes away scot-free due to of lack of evidence, I might never forgive myself.

On the average, I'm allowed to have about 7000 photos on my phone before it runs out of memory space. I always spend time clearing, and after what seems like a lot of effort, I manage to get it down to 6000 - but before I know it? That annoying OUT OF MEMORY SPACE flashes again (and yes, because I have the need to log every significant happening in my life, I have a screenshot of this. And I'll post it when I come across it because looking for it now would be like looking for a needle in all the oceans in the world put together.)

All I have to do is to clear my photos every 2 weeks - and that'll save me more time, I think. I'll be able be more organised and mark the folders by date/event, instead of this:
Which is ridiculous, considering there are a few hundred photos in each folder.

Also, I hope this means that this will mean my phone can last longer (I really don't want to spend money on a new phone) since it won't have to work so hard hahaha.

I just thought... once and for all, I'll clear them.

Okay I feel so... Liberated now. Next I'm goon to clean up my SD cards. And then my desktop icons. And then some other aspects of my life that I really should have handled earlier. Also I need buck up and be consistent!

Found this picture while I was looking for the "Out of Memory Space" Screenshot. So cute.



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